Setup SMTP for miniOrange Two-factor authentication

miniOrange provides its own gateway for sending emails and you can test the service in our free plugin. You will get Free transactions to test miniOrange gateway.

How can I set my own gateway for Sending OTP?

To send emails, you will have to set your own SMTP. We have steps you can follow using WP Mail SMTP plugin.miniOrange Two Factor is compatible with any email server configured for your wordpress site.

Follow below steps to setup SMTP:

  • Installed and Activated WP Mail SMTP by WPForms plugin.

  • Go to WP Mail SMTP plugin dashboard.

  • Scroll down to the page and select your SMTP server from the list. I have selected Other SMTP.

  • Now, You have to provide SMTP server details.

  • Under Other SMTP settings, you have to enter SMTP Host name, Encryption details, SMTP Port and SMTP Username and Password.

  • You will get all of these details from the SMTP server you are using. I am using Mailtrap.

  • Copy all the required details and paste it in the plugin settings.

  • After that click on the Save settings button.

  • Now go to the Email Test tab and click on the Send Email button.

  • You can see a successful message over here.

  • Now go to your SMTP server and you will receive a test email which means you have successfully configured SMTP and you are ready to use SMTP service.

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