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How to set Passwordless Login as a Login Screen Options | WordPress

Passwordless login is an authentication method that allows users to access their accounts or systems without the need for a traditional password. Instead of relying solely on a password for authentication, passwordless login utilizes alternative factors or methods to verify the user's identity. Passwordless login offers several advantages over traditional password-based authentication. It enhances security by eliminating the risk of weak or compromised passwords. Since there is no password to remember or manage, it reduces the burden on users to create and maintain complex passwords.

Follow these steps to Set Passwordless Login as a Login Screen Options.

  • Click on the miniOrange 2-Factor plugin from the left side menu and go to the Login Settings tab on the dashboard.
  • Passwordless login - Click miniOrange 2-Factor

  • Search Select Login Screen Options feature in the Login Settings tab.
    There are Two options:
  1. Login with Password + 2nd Factor:
  2. You can log in with WordPress username + password, and then 2nd-factor authentication.

  3. Login with 2nd Factor only:
  4. In this second option you get variations of Username + Password and Username + 2-Factor Authentication in the same window. Click on See Preview for more information of Combined window.

  • Select Login with 2nd Factor only for passwordless login.
  • Passwordless login - Select login with 2nd factor

  • Page sroll down and click on Save Settings button.
  • Passwordless login - click save setting

  • Go to the login page and see the Login with 2nd factor only.
  • Passwordless login - See login with 2nd factor only

  • Again go to login settings tab.
  • Enable I want to hide default login form option.
  • Passwordless login - Check hide default login form

  • Page sroll down and click on Save Settings button.
  • Passwordless login - Click save setting button

  • Go to the login page and see the Hide default login form.
  • Passwordless login - See hide default login form

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