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Why Integrate Shopify With Docebo?

The owner of Docebo, an online learning platform, has to deal with many tasks like setting up virtual classrooms and managing quizzes, courses, students, and their activities simultaneously. Creating the same courses on Shopify using Shopify's interface can be tedious as everything has to be manually rearranged. This process is time-consuming and stressful. To avoid this, the Shopify Docebo integration can be utilized through the miniOrange SyncUp app. This application automates the setup process for two different platforms seamlessly.

Shopify Docebo Integration - Why Integrate Shopify With Docebo?

Key Features

Simplify Your Operations and Enhance Your Online Business: Explore the Unique Features of Our Docebo Shopify Integration Application.

Integrate Shopify with Docebo - Automatic enroll users to courses
Synchronization between products

Whenever the user purchases a course through the Shopify store, the Shopify Docebo Integration Application enrolls them in the corresponding Docebo course. Ensuring that customer gets instant access to their purchased content.

Integrate Shopify with Docebo - Sync Courses between Shopify and Docebo

Whenever a user enrolls in a new course on Shopify they get automatically enrolled in Docebo. This is how users can get instant access to purchased content.

Integrate Shopify with Docebo - track sales and orders
Sales and Order Tracking

All sales in your Shopify store can be easily viewed in the Shopify dashboard. The orders can also be seen in the Shopify centralized dashboard. This all happens automatically without any extra effort needed.

Integrate Shopify with Docebo - real time update on purchase, enrollment, new course added
Real-Time Updates

When utilizing the Shopify Docebo integration, you will receive updates whenever someone enrolls in a course, makes purchases, or there are inventory changes. This will let you respond right away to customer needs, streamlining the management of multiple courses by enabling this feature.

Integrate Shopify with Docebo - apply discount in Shopify for Docebo courses
Discounts and Promotions

It is possible to create and manage discounts and promotional offers for your Docebo in Shopify. These discounts will automatically show up when people go to checkout, making it easier to sell your courses.

Integrate Shopify with Docebo - manage inventory from one place
Inventory Management

When someone buys a course in the Shopify store, it will automatically show up in the Docebo inventory. This automated process is enabled by the Shopify-Docebo integration. Moreover, when a course sells out, you will see it marked as sold out in Docebo, thanks to the integration.

Integrate Shopify with Docebo - map course.product details
Course/Product Mapping

Shopify Docebo Integration makes it possible that whenever a customer buys the product in Shopify it will automatically provide access to the relevant Docebo course. You can link your Docebo course to the associated product in Shopify. You can decide which Shopify product should be paired with a Docebo course.

Integrate Shopify with Docebo - manage multipe courses at a time
Bulk Course Management

A user has the option to sign up for more than one course at the same time. The Shopify Docebo Integration app permits users to register for various courses. They do not need to go through the enrollment process separately for each course.

Integrate Shopify with Docebo - sell multiple courses as a single product on Shopify
Multi-Course Sales

Multi-course sales refers to the ability to either sell one course or sell multiple courses bundled together as a set on the Shopify platform. Shopify allows you to offer course bundles for sale as a single product. The Shopify Docebo Integration will automatically calculate the pricing for course sets based on the individual course prices.

How the Shopify Docebo Integration works?

After your Shopify and Docebo are synced, every time a customer buys one of your Shopify courses, their Docebo platform instantly creates a student account for them, giving them access to the course so they can start learning. Your customers can then Log into the Docebo using SSO with Shopify Store credentials.

  • Shopify Docebo Integration - Integrate your Shopify Store with any Docebo Automatically sync Docebo courses to your Shopify Store
  • Shopify Docebo Integration - Integrate your Shopify Store with any Docebo Automate welcome emails for new Shopify purchases
  • Shopify Docebo Integration - Integrate your Shopify Store with any Docebo Sell courses through both Shopify and Docebo Checkout simultaneously
  • Shopify Docebo Integration - Integrate your Shopify Store with any Docebo Student account immediately created after course purchase in Shopify

Use Cases Achievable by Docebo Shopify Integration

Use Case: Expanding an Online Course Business

Managing an online education platform? Looking to expand your student reach? Want to improve your content? Seeking to simplify your e-learning platform management?
Consider an ambitious course owner having a business. Their business is an E-Learning platform selling courses, informative content, quizzes, etc. to learners, staff, clients, and more. The business is growing day by day. This is when integrating Shopify and Docebo could be beneficial. It can expand your company and provide a boost to reach a higher level for further business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is miniOrange compatible with both my Docebo and Shopify accounts?

Yes, miniOrange is designed to integrate flawlessly with both Docebo and Shopify platforms, guaranteeing a safe and effortless connection.

What advantages does the miniOrange application offer for integrating Docebo and Shopify?

miniOrange assists in streamlining the sales process, simplifying course management, and enhancing the user experience when integrating Docebo and Shopify. It allows automated enrollment, immediate course access for students, and synchronization of updates between the two platforms.

Is it possible to move my current Docebo classes over to Shopify using this integration?

Definitely! The Shopify Docebo Integration app lets you shift all your Docebo courses, purchases, and student information to Shopify with a single click.

Can I migrate my existing Docebo courses to Shopify through this integration?

Absolutely! You can migrate your existing Docebo courses to Shopify using the Shopify Docebo connector application. With just one click, you can transfer all of your courses, orders, and customer data from Docebo to Shopify.


Can I tailor the integration to fit with my brand's look and image?

For sure! You're able to modify your Shopify storefront and landing page to craft a unified and visually attractive experience for users that aligns with your brand's visual style.

What steps do I need to take to implement Docebo Shopify integration using miniOrange?

Usually, you'll need to make accounts on Docebo, Shopify, and miniOrange, configure the settings, and connect the platforms. Step-by-step guidelines are provided in the miniOrange documentation. for setting up Shopify Docebo Integration.

Am I able to determine the prices for my Docebo classes when I sell them on Shopify?

Yes, the Shopify Docebo Integration app allows you to establish and adjust the pricing for your Docebo courses within your Shopify shop.

What is the typical time required for implementing Docebo Shopify integration using the miniOrange app?

The setup process is usually fast and easy. Based on how complex your courses and products are, you can expect to have Shopify Docebo integration fully operational within a couple of minutes.
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