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Shopify – miniOrange SCIM Provisioning and Deprovisioning Guide

Shopify SCIM Provisioning and De-Provisioning application gives you the ability to automate user creation, updating, and disabling tasks in Shopify by directly interacting with miniOrange. The System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) is an open standard for securely synchronizing user information between multiple applications. If your users use both miniOrange and Shopify, it's preferable to have all users updated in Shopify and even they can update their profile in miniOrange or can update the profile like updating their department and that can get synced directly with Shopify.

Pre-requisite : Download and Installation

Integrate your LMS with Shopify to automatically enroll users in courses when purchased on Shopify and sync user creation across your platforms. Utilize SCIM to ensure all user profile updates are consistently reflected across all integrated systems.

Step by Step guide to Setup Shopify SCIM Provisioning and De-Provisioning with miniOrange

1. Enable SCIM provisioning and deprovisioning in Shopify

  • Log in to Shopify. Navigate to App section and click on SyncUP: Users and Course Sync application.
  • miniOrange Shopify SCIM - Navigate to App section in Shopify
  • Open the SCIM provisioning application >> Click on User Sync >> Click on SCIM.
  • miniOrange Shopify SCIM - Click on User Sync then on SCIM
  • Enable New Customer Creation and SCIM Provisioning as shown in the below image.
  • miniOrange Shopify SCIM - Enable New Customer Creation
  • Copy down the data in the Authorization Header and SCIM Base URL as it will be used in later steps.

2. Setup Provisioning and De-Provisioning in miniOrange

  • Under Apps, click on Add Application.
  • miniOrange Shopify SCIM - Add application
  • Scroll downwards and select Provisioning.
  • miniOrange Shopify SCIM - select Provisioning
  • Select the SCIM Server (Destination).
  • miniOrange Shopify SCIM - Select SCIM Server
  • Enter details such as SCIM Base URL and Bearer Token, which we had taken note of, in the earlier step.
  • Custom Application Name As per your convenience
    SCIM Base URL From Step 1
    Bearer Token From Step 1
    miniOrange Shopify SCIM - Enter URLs
  • Enable the provisioning features - just to name a few; Create User, Delete User, Update User.
  • miniOrange Shopify SCIM - Enable All Provisioning Features
  • Click on Save.
  • Under Policies, click on App Login Policy and select Add Policy.
  • Enter the following values:
  • Application SCIM Server (Destination)
    Group Name Select as per your requirement
    Policy Name Select as per your requirement
    Login Method Password
    miniOrange Shopify SCIM - Add policy
  • Click on Save.
  • You can verify that the assigned customer is synced in the Customers section in Shopify.
  • miniOrange Shopify SCIM - User Created in Shopify

Hence you have successfully configured SCIM provisioning and de-provisioning between miniOrange and Shopify.

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