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Sync Forms Data from WordPress to SharePoint Folders

SharePoint is a crucial part of Microsoft's Office 365 suite, making it easy for organizations to share files, folders, notes, and documents. When integrated with WordPress, SharePoint allows users to take full advantage of both platforms. Our Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents WordPress plugin facilitates Microsoft SharePoint WordPress integration. It offers flexibility by seamlessly syncing data from different forms like Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Contact Form 7, and more on your WordPress site to SharePoint.


An Institute offers educational assistance services such as Career Exploration, Individual Mentoring, Student Application, etc. Their WordPress site is integrated with several types of forms using third-party forms plugins, each linked to a specific SharePoint folder/directory. Upon form submission by a student, their information should automatically sync with the corresponding SharePoint folder/directory.


Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents Premium/Enterprise Plugin will be used to synchronize the WordPress form’s details in the form of PDF to the SharePoint folder/directory.

WordPress Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents plugin allows you to embed sharepoint documents/files on your wordpress site.

Note: If you want the Premium or Enterprise version of the plugin, you can purchase it from here.


The Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents WordPress plugin will map various types of WordPress forms to designated SharePoint folders/directories. Once the user logs in, they will be prompted to fill in all the necessary data in their respective form. Once the form is submitted, the data will be compiled in a PDF format (using any third-party plugin or custom code) which will be synced to their respective SharePoint folder that you can map using our plugin. Whether you possess multiple form types or corresponding folders/directories in SharePoint, our plugin ensures effortless synchronization of form data with the chosen folders/directories.

To address this problem the solution can be as follows:

  1. Four students visit the website to fill out the Institute’s form:
    • Student1: Request a Mentor form
    • Student2: Scholarship Application form
    • Student3: Volunteer Opportunities form
    • Student4: Student Application form
  2. To map different forms with their respective SharePoint folder/directory, different Forms types (Forms added on your site pages using any third-party forms plugin) and SharePoint folder/directory must be mapped from the dropdown menus in the Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents WordPress plugin.

    Note: It is important to note that no WordPress Database will be utilized in this process.

  3. The forms' data will be compiled into separate PDFs and these PDFs will be synced to their corresponding mapped SharePoint folders/directories as per the mapping configuration done in the plugin.
  4. For eg: Student1’s data from the Request a Mentor form will be synced to the Request a Mentor SharePoint folder. Similarly, Student2's data from the Scholarship Application form will be synced to the Scholarship Application SharePoint folder, etc.
Form data sync from WordPress to SharePoint Folders | Workflow


In the above scenarios, we've demonstrated various mapping, including single form to multiple folders and multiple forms to multiple folders. However, our WordPress Embed SharePoint Documents plugin supports various mapping options, such as multiple forms to a single folder, multiple forms to multiple folders, etc.

The WordPress Embed SharePoint Documents plugin enables seamless integration between WordPress and SharePoint, supporting various third-party form Integrations such as Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Contact Form 7, and more. Seamlessly sync form data from WordPress to SharePoint folders and directories, enhancing collaboration and boosting productivity.

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