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WordPress Ninja forms lead data integration with Salesforce

WordPress Ninja forms lead data integration with Salesforce

Ninja forms Salesforce Integration. Salesforce is a popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and cloud-based IT application provider which has solutions in various sectors like marketing, analytics, and customer service. With our Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin, you can integrate several third-party applications with Salesforce to make sure that you can take full advantage of the flexibility offered by Salesforce. One such application is Ninja Forms.
With our Salesforce Ninja Forms Integration solution you can sync any form submission to any object in Salesforce. This enables you to achieve various use cases such as Lead Sync to Salesforce, Account Sync to Salesforce, Contact Sync to Salesforce, or even custom data sync to Salesforce.
In this guide, we will go through the steps to setup Lead Sync with Salesforce where the Lead data is gathered with the Ninja Forms plugin.
Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin synchronizes the Ninja Forms Submissions with any object in Salesforce and keeps Salesforce records in sync with WordPress.


To achieve WordPress Ninja forms Salesforce integration and accomplish bi-directional Salesforce lead data sync with Ninja forms, you need to configure Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin which is available in the given link.

WordPress Salesforce Object Sync | Sync Salesforce Objects bidirectionally with WordPress. Enable real-time sync, scheduled sync, Salesforce Sync with Workflows Automation, sync leads from WordPress to Salesforce, Salesforce ACF/CPT UI integrations, and more.

Steps to Configure sync from Ninja Forms to Salesforce Lead

  • To configure sync between Ninja Forms and Salesforce you have to connect the Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin with Salesforce. To connect the Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin with Salesforce you can follow step 1 given here.
  • Once a connection is made between Salesforce and WordPress, we can sync the data collected from the Ninja Forms to Salesforce.
  • Navigate to the Object Mapping tab in the plugin and click on Add Object Mapping button to create a mapping.

  • Ninja Forms Salesforce Integration | Add Object Mapping
  • In the WordPress Object drop-down select the Ninja Form whose fields you want to sync in Salesforce as the WordPress object.

  • WordPress Ninja Forms Salesforce Lead integration | Add wp object nf
  • Select the sync direction as Sync from WordPress to Salesforce.
  • In the Salesforce Object drop-down select Lead as the Salesforce Object.

  • Salesforce Ninja Forms Lead sync | Add sf object nf
  • Now scroll down to the Field Mapping section, here we will be mapping Salesforce and WordPress fields to each other.
  •   Note: The required fields from Salesforce are already populated and new fields can be added using Add Salesforce Field button.

  • You can select the Field Type as Standard WordPress Fields and select Ninja Form Fields from the Select Field drop-down where the Ninja form fields are populated for respective Salesforce Fields.

  • WordPress Ninja Forms Salesforce Lead sync | mergesfnf lead
  • Once you have configured all the field mappings you can click on the Save Object Mapping button to save the mapping.
  • Now, navigate to Ninja Forms Plugin.
  • Submit your form and the data will be synced into the selected Salesforce Object.

You have successfully configured Ninja Forms Integration with Salesforce using Object Data Sync for the Salesforce plugin.


    If you want to check that is data synced successfully or any error occured, you can check it from our plugin itself.

  • Navigate to Troubleshoot in the Object Data Sync For Salesforce Plugin.
  • Click on Audit Reports Tab.
  • Enable the toggle Enable Audit.
  • In Audit logs, you can find Column Action Status which will tell you the sync status.
  • To crosscheck your sync on salesforce platform click on respective Salesforce Id.


In this Guide, you have successfully integrated the WordPress Ninja Forms with Salesforce Leads. This solution ensures bi-directional Salesforce Ninja Forms sync with WordPress, which enables you to sync all the leads data from WordPress to Salesforce and vice versa.

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