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NFT Token Gating for WordPress BuddyBoss Profile Type

NFT Token Gating for WordPress BuddyBoss Profile Type

Profiles created in BuddyBoss can be NFT Token Gated using miniOrange BuddyBoss Integration Addon.Admin can now add NFT Token Gating to BuddyBoss Profile Types created . Here the Profiles will be assigned to users with specific NFTs in the wallet.
For this setup, you would require an All Inclusive plan of our Web3 Authentication plugin where you will get access to web3 buddyboss integration add-on. Once the setup is complete using this guide, your users can connect their crypto wallet and have access to token gated profile.

miniorange img  Step-by-step setup video guide

Steps to configure BuddyBoss Addon with WordPress Web3 Login.

1.Set Up Profile Types on BuddyBoss plugin

  • Go to Profiles Tab in buddyboss and create Profile Types as per your requirements.
  • WordPresss Web3 login Buddyboss integration addon- install
  • Click on Publish button to publish the profile types.
  • WordPresss Web3 login Buddyboss integration addon

2. Configure Contract Address Name on Web3 Login Plugin

  • Go to the web3 login plugin and go to Contract Address config tab,add your contract address using add token details button.
  • WordPresss Web3 login Buddyboss integration addon
  • Now, go to BuddyBoss Integration Addon and select the Settings you want to and start with Profile Mapping Configurations.
  • WordPresss Web3 login Buddyboss integration addon
  • Select the Contract Addresses you want to map to BuddyBoss Profiles.
  • WordPresss Web3 login Buddyboss integration addon
  • All the mapped Profile types in BuddyBoss Plugin will be displayed in BuddyBoss Profile dropdown. Select the Profile to which you want to map the Contract Addresses to.
  • WordPresss Web3 login Buddyboss integration addon
  • Save the Mapping by Clicking on Save Mapping button. Similarly Multiple Configurations can be added using Add More Mapping Button.
  • WordPresss Web3 login Buddyboss integration addon

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