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Auto Create Drupal Account for LDAP user

Automatically Creating Drupal Accounts for LDAP Users

The Drupal LDAP/Active Directory module comes equipped with a convenient auto-create user feature. This feature enables the automatic creation of a user account within Drupal's backend when a user attempts to log in using their LDAP credentials. This feature is very useful when your users are not present on your Drupal site but present on the LDAP server.


How to configure Auto create LDAP user in Drupal?

  • After the successful configuration of the module, head toward the LDAP Configuration tab of the module (admin/config/people/ldap_auth/ldap_config).
  • Drupal Active Directory/LDAP integration - Navigate to LDAP Configuration
  • Select the Auto Register users if they do not exist in the Drupal checkbox to enable the automatic creation of a user LDAP account in Drupal.

    Note: This will create a new Drupal account only if they don't already have a Drupal account. So no duplicate account will be created on the Drupal site.

  • Save the configuration.

How does the auto-creation of an LDAP user account in Drupal Work?

  • Open an incognito/private window and go to your Drupal site's login page.
  • Enter the LDAP credentials (such as username and password) of the user who is not currently present on the Drupal site and click on the Log in button.
  • After successfully authenticating with LDAP, the corresponding user account will be automatically generated on the Drupal site. This new user account will mirror the LDAP user's information.

Congratulations, you have successfully enabled the auto-creation of the user on the Drupal site upon LDAP authentication.

We hope that you find this guide useful and easy to configure.


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