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Update Users in the LDAP server

Update Users in the LDAP server

The update user feature in the Drupal LDAP/ Active Directory module allows you to automatically update the information and roles of the user in your LDAP server when the user information is updated in Drupal. This is one of the key features for keeping all your user information and roles in sync between your Active Directory/ LDAP and Drupal site. In addition, if you want to update user information in Drupal based on changes in the LDAP server, this will be handled when the user logs in to Drupal using their LDAP credentials or during importing the users from LDAP to Drupal.

Enable the update of Drupal users to the LDAP server:

  • Head over to the Directory Sync tab of the module.
  • Enable the “Update user information in Active Directory/LDAP when user information is updated in Drupal” checkbox.
  • miniorange icon active directory integration LDAP integration
  • Click on the Save Configuration button present at the bottom.
  • Done, your users will be updated in the LDAP server whenever updated in the Drupal site according to the configured attribute and role Mapping. ( by admin or by user registration, or by any third-party modules )

Update user in Drupal:

  • Head over to the People tab under the Manage section of Drupal.
  • drupal ladap people tab
  • Now click on the edit button to update the user information which is present in your LDAP server.
  • drupal ldap edit the user
  • Update the user's custom field i.e firstname and lastname and click on the Save button. Click here if you want to create drupal custom fields.
  • drupal ldap update firstname and lastname
  • Congratulations you have successfully updated the user information in your configured LDAP server. If you face any issues you can check the logs under Reports>>Recent logs section.
  • drupal ldap recent log
  • Now confirm once whether or not the user is updated in your LDAP server. If you don't have access to your LDAP server don't worry you can still check it by following the below steps.

Test user Authentication:

  • Head over to the LDAP Configuration tab of the module.
  • drupal ldap configuration
  • Scroll till the end, you will see Test Authentication. Please enter the username and password of the user that you just created. Please note that the username is the value that will be searched by your configured search filter. If your search filter is “(&(objectClass=*)(mail=?))” then your username is the email of the user.
  • Click on Test Configuration. You will see the success message on the screen.
  • drupal ldap test authentication
  • Now click on Get Your Attributes to see all the LDAP attributes of the user as shown below. You can see the updated value of the sn and givenmane as it is configured in attribute mapping.
  • drupal ldap get your attributes drupal ldap get your attributes

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