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Challenges in Managing Employee Only Shopify Stores
Prevent Unauthorized Access

You must ensure that only authorized or designated employees can access your Shopify store. You can grant employees access to specific sections of the Store based on the permissions of the various departments.

User Onboarding and Offboarding

Managing employee onboarding and offboarding processes, such as granting access to new employees and revoking access from departing ones. This requires integration between the Company database & the Shopify store.

Effortless Authentication

Allow employees to access your Swag Store (Shopify) and other applications in your Corporate System with a single set of credentials, eliminating the need for multiple logins to access different services.

Why use SSO for Company Merchandise Shopify Store?

Single sign-on (SSO) allows your employees to log in to multiple applications and Shopify Store with a single login credentials. Employees might be using ten or more applications under your organization. So having a single login and password to access each application will be time efficient and can save them from remembering numerous passwords. Fortunately, setting up SSO for your online company store is an easy process with miniOrange, and comes with many benefits. Some of these benefits include

Increased Security

Implementing SSO reduces the risk of unauthorized access, ensuring only designated employees can enter the Shopify Store. This fortification enhances overall data security.

Streamlined Access Management

Efficient access management is achieved through SSO, allowing administrators to control and monitor employee access easily thereby contributing to a more organized and secure Shopify environment.

Enhanced User Experience

SSO simplifies the login process, providing a seamless experience for employees. This convenience boosts productivity and contributes to a positive user experience.

Our Key Features
SSO into Employee only Shopify store - Organization Shopify Store SSO -  Complete Store Protection
Complete Store Protection

Keep your store private and secure by allowing only employees present in your Organization to access your store. Any external users won’t be able to access any page of your Shopify store.

SSO into Employee only Shopify store - Organization Shopify Store SSO -  Automated Onboarding
Automated Onboarding

When a new employee joins your company's network, using our app they can gain access to the online Shopify store. You can also sync your employee data across all connected platforms.

SSO into Employee only Shopify store - Organization Shopify Store SSO - Automated Offboarding
Automated Offboarding

When employees leave the company, you can use our app to prevent them from accessing the online company Shopify store. SSO over Swag / Employee Store completely automates the offboarding process.

SSO into Employee only Shopify store - Organization Shopify Store SSO -  Extend Shopify Session
Extend Shopify Session

You can extend the duration of employee sessions to more than 24 hours, allowing them to stay logged in for longer periods of time without jeopardizing their security.

SSO into Employee only Shopify store - Organization Shopify Store SSO - Restrict User Sign-up
Restrict User Sign-up

Only allow certain users stored in your Identity Provider (IDP) and whose Shopify Store accounts you have created to log in and access your Shopify store.

Shopify SSO into Custom web view application - Employee Store login
Sync User Data between Shopify and your other application

Use our SyncUp: User & Order Sync application to automate your operations and increase efficiency. It provides a powerful and efficient means of integrating customer & order information between Swag Store (Shopify) and other applications within your Organization.

With this application, you can enjoy two-way data flow, which allows changes made in either Shopify or your application to be seamlessly reflected in both systems. With our automated sync process, you can reduce manual efforts and eliminate errors, allowing you to focus on what matters most—growing your business.

How does SSO Solution work for the Employee-Only Shopify Store?
  • Whenever the users attempt to SSO into your Employee Only Shopify Store, they will be redirected to the Organization IDP Login page.
  • You can disable the default Shopify Login option with our app. As a result, users are left with only one option: log in with their company IDP.
  • When the user clicks the Login With IDP button, they are taken to the IDP Login page, where they must log in using their existing IDP credentials.
  • To perform SSO in your Employee Only Shopify Store, our application will authorize the user's credentials against the connected organization IDP.
  • If the credentials entered are correct, they will be logged in to your Shopify Store. Users who are not employees will be redirected to the access denied page.
Shopify SSO for Employee only Store
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