Guide to Configure LastPass as an IDP to SAML SP

Step 1: Configuring LastPass as Identity Provider (IDP)

  • Go to!/dashboard and log in to access the Admin Console.
  • From the left menu click on Admin Console tab.
  • Reddit create app
  • Now click on SSO & MFA .
  • Reddit create app
  • From sub-menu click on Applications Web Apps.
  • Reddit create app
  • On top right click on Add application.
  • Reddit create app
  • In Select your App section choose App Type as Catalog and App Catalog as Joomla.
  • Reddit create app
  • From Identity Provider section copy the required information or download the metadata to configure the Service Provider
  • Reddit create app
  • In Service Provider section fill the ACS and Identity URL which is available in the Service Provider Metadata Tab of the Joomla SAML SP plugin.
  • Reddit create app
  • Configure Advanced Setup and Custom Attributes according to the need (Optional).
  • Reddit create app
  • Click on Save.
  • Reddit create app
  • Assign Users to the App by clicking contact icon on the application and assign the users according to User/Groups and click on Save.
  • Reddit create app Reddit create app
  • Download LastPass MFA App and login by doing barcode scan/mail in the mobile(Optional).

Step 2: Configure Joomla as Service Provider (SP)

  • In Joomla SAML plugin, go to Service Provider Setup Tab. There are three ways to configure the plugin:
    • Azure_As_Idp By Metadata URL :

      • Click on Upload IDP Metadata.
      • Upload_Metadata_btn
      • Enter Metadata URL and click on Fetch Metadata.
      • Upload_Metadata_URL

      Azure_As_Idp By Uploading Metadata File:

      • Click on Upload IDP Metadata.
      • Upload_Metadata_btn
      • Choose metadata file and click on Upload.
      • Upload_Metadata_file

      Azure_As_Idp Manual Configuration :

      • Copy SAML Entity ID, SAML Single-Sign-On Endpoint URL and X.509 certificate from Federation Metadata document and paste it in IdP Entity ID or Issuer, Single Sign-on Service URL, X.509 Certificate fields respectively in the plugin.
      • IdP Entity ID or Issuer SAML Entity ID in the Federation Metadata document
        Single Sign-On Service URL SAML Single-Sign-On Endpoint URL in the Federation Metadata document
        X.509 Certificate x.509 Certificate in the Federation Metadata document

      Azure_As_Idp Add a button on your site login page with the following URL:


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