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How to Setup Social Login for PrestaShop Store | PrestaShop SSO | PrestaShop Module

How to Setup Social Login for PrestaShop Store | PrestaShop SSO | PrestaShop Module

What is Social Login?

Social Login allows users to connect to any website using various networking platforms such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter. It is a form of single sign-on for users designed and implemented to make logging in easier for end-users. Using social login users can sign into any third-party website without having to create an account.

How does Social Login Works?

The social login process is extremely simple. Users come to your website and select whichever social login provider they want to login. They fill in their details on the social network provider’s site. Once the authentication process is completed by the social provider the user can start using your WordPress website. If they are a new user then they are registered and if they are an existing user they are logged in.

What is Social Login for PrestaShop?

Social Login is single sign-on (SSO) for end users. Using existing login information from a social network provider like Facebook, Twitter, or Google, the user can perform SSO and sign into your PrestaShop Store instead of creating a new account specifically for your store. This simplifies registrations and logins for end users.

What miniOrange Social Login Module for PrestaShop does for you?

Did you know that one of the main purchase obstacles on the Internet is to have to create a custom account? With "Social Login" module for PrestaShop, boost your conversion rate by letting your customers easily register and log in to your Prestashop store through their favorite social network: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Discord, LinkedIn and many more applications to choose from. This is a known fact in the world of e-commerce that the less friction there is during checkout, the higher the chance is that the customer will finalize his or her order. By removing the account creation step, you significantly reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate on your PrestaShop Store.

How to do it? By allowing the users to login/register with social network providers on your PrestaShop Store.

What features do we provide for you?

Display icons on your login page Add social login buttons to Prestashop store login page/registration page to enable your users to quickly register for your Prestashop store.

Customise social login icons on Prestashop: Our Social Login module for Prestashop, totally responsive, has been implemented according to the latest standards provided by social networks. The ergonomics of the buttons has been worked on to allow the best user experience, whatever the type of device used (smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, ...). In addition, regardless of the position chosen for your login buttons on PrestaShop Store, the module provides you with a complete CSS tool allowing you to fully customize the appearance of each connection block, in a completely independent way. Take advantage of this customization flexibility to make your Prestashop store (shop) visually unique! In order to best adapt to the design of your site, the Prestashop module also allows you to choose, for each position of the connectors, between standard or mini size buttons. Also, you can add round the edges for a perfect finish!

Redirect options: Our Social Login module also allows you to redirect users after login/registeration to a specific page you want. Next time a user login to your store or logout from your PrestaShop store he will be automatically redirected to your decided page.

What your customers will be happy for?

No need to remember their password anymore! In one click, your customers will identify themselves on your Prestashop store, from any device. They will appreciate this convenience and will be more willing to finalize their order on your shop.

If you want to see more features please visit on our website. Social Login Module for Prestashop.

Steps to Setup Social Login into PrestaShop

Step 1: Configure miniOrange Social Login module for Prestashop:

Follow the steps below to configure Social login in PrestaShop

miniorange img Configure PrestaShop Social Login
  • Download miniOrange Social Login Module zip file for Prestashop.
  • Navigate to Module ManagerUpload A Module.
  • Social login prestashop go to module manager and upload a module
  • Upload the zip file by clicking on Select a file.
  • upload zip file to connect social login prestashop
  • After the module is installed on PrestaShop. Click on Configure button.
  • social login prestashop for module click on configure to connect social login for presatshop

Step 2: Select Configure Social Login apps for your Prestashop Store

  • Select Social Login app that you want to integrate with your Prestashop Store.
  • select app you want to configure to enable social login prestashop
  • You will get a list of instructions that you need to follow to create a custom app which will allow users to login to your PrestaShop Store.
  • social login prestashop follow instructions to create a new app
  • Follow the instructions in the pop-up to complete the setup of the custom app.
  • Now, click on Save Button. After saving the details you can test your configuration.
  • save and test configure to setup social login prestashop to enable a social login app
  • You can Enable or Disable the application from the configure apps tab to apply social login for PrestaShop store.
  • social login prestashop enable or disable the app from the configure apps tab

Step 3: Select Customize Login Icons Tab

  • Now go on Customize Login Icons Tab.
  • Here will get preview your app position as you have set. Select any shape for your icon.Click custom background option you can select different color format.
  • You can also increase size of icon and get space between them.
  • customize shape color and size of any app to display social login prestashop
  • You can also Customize the text to show on your Login buttons and Login form
  • customize the text on login buttons and login form to configure social login prestashop

Step 4: Select Redirection Options Tab

  • Redirect option can be used to redirect user after login/logout on a specific page.
  • You can also use a custom URL for where the user lands after every login or registration. Select this option, when you want to redirect to a specific page after or before logging in or out, regardless of the previous location.
  • Redirection options for social login prestashop to redirect users to a specific page

Step 5: Display Options for Social Login Icons

  • Navigate to Display Options and you will find all the available display options where you can display social login icons.
  • prestashop social login icons display options
  • Select all the options where you want to display social login icons.
  • presatashop select display options to display social login icons
  • All of the sections that have been enabled in the display options section will have social login icons displayed.
  • social login on all positions on PrestaShop login page

We provide customizations in our social login module for PrestaShop on-demand in addition to all of the above features. Please use the 'Need Help' button to contact us if you have any unique requirements. We will build a custom plugin for you at the most competitive price on the market.

Attractive Social Login Icons

  • We also provide attractive social login icons in latest version of the social login plugin with 4 types of shapes for social login icons Round, Rounded Icons, Square and Long button. Six themes including Default, White Background, Custom Background, Hover, Custom Hover and Smart. We also provide transform effect for all types of themes and buttons.

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