Joomla LDAP configuration

Step 2: Configure miniOrange Joomla LDAP plugin.

  • Now, go to components and then select Miniorange LDAP to go to the configuration page of the plugin.
  • In the Configure LDAP tab, save the following information:
  • Enter your AD Server URL and click on the Contact LDAP Server button to test your connection with your LDAP server.
  • Joomla contact ldap server
  • Enter your Service account username and password and save it under the Service Account DN and Service Account Password text fields. Click on the Test and Save button to test the binding with your AD.
  • Joomla ldap Service account DN and password
  • Under the User LDAP Mapping configurations enter your Search Base(the LDAP tree in which your users will be searched) and your Username Attribute (the value with your user will be searched in the AD). Click on the Save button to save your settings.
  • Joomla ldap user mapping configuration
  • Under the Test Authentication section, you can enter your AD server’s username and password to test your connection and authentication with the LDAP Server.
  • Joomla ldap - Test Authentication
  • Select the Enable LDAP login checkbox to enable login using LDAP. Click on the Save button to save this option. You can enable it only after configuring the plugin configuration.
  • Joomla ldap ldap login
  • In case, you are facing some issue or have any question in mind, you can reach out to us by sending us your query through the Support button in the plugin or by sending us a mail at
  • Congratulations, you have successfully configured the miniOrange LDAP plugin with your Active Directory.