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Configure Apache Directory Studio with Joomla LDAP for Intranet

To use the Apache Directory server, install the Apache Directory Server from here. To install and use the Apache Directory server, ensure that you have the JRE version already installed.

1. Apache Directory Server

Follow the steps below to configure Apache Directory Server:

  • To install the Apache Directory Studio, follow the following steps.
  • After launching the .exe file, the following window will open and click on Next.
  • Apache Directory server-.exe file
  • You can read the Terms and conditions and click on I Agree.
  • Apache Directory server - Agree
  • You can select the Destination Folder and then click on Install.
  • Apache Directory server-install
  • After the installation is complete, a message will appear that the installation is complete and the following screen will appear, Click on Next.
  • Apache Directory server- complete installation
  • To close the installation, click on Finish.
  • Apache Directory server- Finish
  • After the successful installation of Apache Directory Server, the next to setup an Active Directory.

2. Steps To Setup An Active Directory

  • On opening Apache Directory Studio the following screen will appear. To create a new Active Directory go to LDAP Servers and click on New LDAP Server icon, as shown below.
  • Apache Directory server- new ldap server
  • The following window will appear, select the Apache Server, add the Server Name and click on Finish.
  • Apache Directory server - server name
  • The following screen will appear and an Apache Studio server will be created. The server will be in a stopped state, to run the server, click on the Apache Server and the click on the Run icon as shown in the picture below.
  • Apache Directory server-ldap Apache Directory server - ldap
  • Right click on the Apache server and click on the Create a connection.
  • Apache Directory server - create connection
  • A connection is successfully created and the following message will be shown.
  • Apache Directory server - massage
  • To get the Port number and Server URL click on properties, the hostname and the Port number will be shown there.
  • Apache Directory server - host and port name Apache Directory server - localhost

    3. Creating a New User

    • To create a new user right click User Organization Unit -> New -> New Entry.
    • Apache Directory server - new entry
    • Click on Create entry from scratch and then click on Next.
    • Apache Directory server - ldap
    • The following screen will appear with the list of Available object classes.
    • Apache Directory server - object
    • Search for inetOrgPerson and click on Add.
    • Apache Directory server - inetOrgPerson
    • The object classes for a user will be shown as below. Click on Next.
    • Apache Directory server - ldap classes
    • Select the distinguished name by selecting the RDN name.
    • Apache Directory server - RDN
    • Add the uid name or the cn name and then click on Next.
    • Apache Directory server - cn
    • Before saving the user the user attributes will be shown as below. You can add the details as desired and click on Finish.
    • Apache Directory server - finish
    • The user with the following details will be saved.
    • Apache Directory server - ldap
    • To add new attributes or password to the newly created user, click on Add Attribute icon.
    • Apache Directory server - add attribute
    • Select the attribute that you want to add for the user.
    • Apache Directory server - add user
    • To add a user's password search for select userPassword and click on Finish.
    • Apache Directory server - userPassword
    • Enter the user Password and click on Ok.
    • Apache Directory server - ldap

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