Single Sign-On for Origami Risk using WordPress

About Origami Risk

Origami Risk is one of the cloud-based customized service, which resolves the need for insurance of different sectors within risk and insurance marketplace. Its command center for identifying, reducing financial risk, is the core feature which users prefer for planning insurance. Its wide use makes the user log in using their credentials of regularly used WordPress application. Implementing Single Sign-On saves time, improves business throughput and offers better user experience.


It is inconvenient to opt for services of Origami Risk by putting passwords again and again. If the user visits application in WordPress, till now he or she can’t log in directly to Origami Risk. This results in inconvenience for customers to use Origami Risk. The integration is insufficient between Origami Risk and WordPress to make Single Sign-On possible.


The miniOrange team has developed a plugin which when integrated with WordPress, allows Single Sign-On between WordPress and Origami Risk. Our WordPress IDP plugin has many features which are advantageous to the user. This improves log in experience for customers and makes it smooth and easy.

Steps to set up Single Sign-On in Origami Risk:

  • Log in to the Origami account with Admin rights.
  • In the menu on the top, click Admin.
  • Now select Enable Single Sign On.
  • In the Identity Provider’s Sign-in Page URL textbox, paste the following values which are copied from WordPress portal.
  • SAML Single Sign-On Service URL
    Sign-Out URL

  • Click Browse to upload the certificate you have downloaded from the WordPress portal.
  • Click Save Changes.

Steps to configure Origami as SP

  • Obtain Issuer(Entity ID), ACS URL, if SP is configured for signed requests then you need to provide the certificate in the plugin as well. Obtain it from Origami Risk application.
  • In Identity provider tab of IDP plugin enter the values:
  • Service Provider Name Choose appropriate name according to your choice.
    SP Entity ID or Issuer Origami Entity ID
    ACS URL Origami Assertion Consumer Service URL.
    X.509 Certificate (optional)[For Signed Request] Paste certificate value you copied from Origami Metadata file.
    NameID Format Select urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress.
    Response Signed Unchecked.
    Assertion Signed Checked.
    Encrypted Assertion Unchecked.

  • From Service Provider tab values to be uploaded in Origami can be obtained.
  • You will need to configure user attributes to be sent in the SAML response which Origami needs to login the user. You can do this under the Attribute/Role Mapping Tab in the plugin. Note the Attributes required from Origami.
  • Configure the plugin to send relevant user details.

    Please Note: The name you provide in the plugin for each attribute has to match the name being asked in the plugin dashboard.