Single Sign-On for WordPress using Doorkeeper

About Doorkeeper

Doorkeeper is an OAuth 2.0 provider built with ruby on rails technology. This gem can be installed to establish OAuth 2.0 support for different applications. Multiple applications can be accessed with single username and password using Doorkeeper if Single Sign-On is integrated. This reduces failed login attempts and makes login quick and simple.


Users who use Doorkeeper also access 15 to 20 other applications like WordPress within a day. Maintaining credentials for so many applications is not easy. Also, log in to these applications with a single click is not possible since WordPress does not have necessary integration to allow this.


miniOrange product of OAuth client Plugin can provide OAuth support for WordPress. Due to this WordPress supports OAuth 2.0 protocol and Single Sign-On can be easily set up between WordPress and Doorkeeper. Our plugin has many features by which, the user can log in directly to WordPress, thus improving the user experience.

Steps below can be referred to configure OAuth client plugin with Doorkeeper:

  • Obtain ClientID and client secret from Doorkeeper account.
  • Configure your miniOrange OAuth plugin with client ID, client secret, OAuth end points and scope as given below.
  • Scope : public
    Authorize end point : https://your-domain/oauth/authorize
    Access token end point : https://your-domain/oauth/token
    Get user info endpoint : https://your-domain/oauth/applications

  • Configure Widget to show login button on site.
  • Go to website and press a button login with Doorkeeper.