Sync Data from Salesforce to WordPress (WP) using Salesforce Workflow Automation (Real-time sync)

Sync Data from Salesforce to WordPress (WP) using Salesforce Workflow Automation (Real-time sync)

Salesforce Real-time Data Sync to WordPress can be achieved using our Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin. Our plugin enables your WordPress site to receive data from Salesforce in real-time and stores it in the appropriate WordPress objects. We make use of the Salesforce Workflow automation feature to send data to your WordPress site as soon as it is created or updated in Salesforce. Salesforce Workflows also allow you to add certain criterias/conditions to be met before the data is sent over, this enables data filtering and you can make sure that only the required data is sent to your WordPress site. You can accurately maintain the data life stages by using real-time sync to keep the data in constant sync..

Here we will undergo a manual to configure Salesforce to WordPress real time Object Sync.

Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

To configure WordPress Salesforce Sync Integration with WordPress, you will need to install the Sync WordPress object to Salesforce object plugin:

The plugin allows WordPress objects (post, page, user, blog) and Salesforce objects to map one another. The records in Salesforce objects will be created / updated / deleted when the data in WordPress (WP) is saved.

 Tested with 6.0.0

WordPress Salesforce Object Sync along with seamless integrations with other environments and applications

 Salesforce to WP real time sync | Salesforce Integrations

Integrate WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and any other third party app with Salesforce, for seamless SSO and Object / data synchronization.

1. Configure Workflow Integration in WordPress

  • To connect the plugin to Salesforce you can follow the first step from the given manual.
  • Once done please follow the steps below for configuring the Salesforce Workflow Integration in WordPress.
  • Navigate to the Object Mapping tab of the plugin and click on Add Object Mapping.
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync | WP object Salesforce Sync- Object Mapping
  • Enter the following values in Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin
  • Mapping Label Enter any string of your choice.
    NOTE: Please make sure that no two mappings have the same mapping label.
    Salesforce Object Select a Salesforce object
    NOTE: This is the salesforce object with you want to sync data.
    WordPress Object Select a WordPress Object
    Primary Key We need to store the Salesforce object ID in a field of the synced WordPress object for future reference(for future data updates), the Primary Key field you select will be the field used to store this id. You can keep this as default.
    Sync from salesforce to WordPress toggle Enable sync from salesforce to WP
     Salesforce to WP real time sync | Mapping Configuration
  • Create your mapping under Object Attribute Mapping.

NOTE: Make sure to map all the fields that you want to sync from Salesforce

     Salesforce to WP real time sync | Object Attribute Mapping
  • Click on Save
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync | Static Values
  • Navigate to the Workflow Integration tab of the plugin and copy the URL respective to the mapping label of the mapping you created. Please keep this URL handy as this is the Endpoint URL required while configuring the outbound message.

NOTE: Pressing the Regenerate Access Key button will change the access key and the URL will also change if you do so after configuring the sync you will also have to update the URL in salesforce.

     Salesforce to WP real time sync |  Workflow integration

2. Configure Workflow Integration in Salesforce

  • Go to Salesforce login page and login as an Administrator.
  • You will be represented with the home screen of Salesforce.
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync |  Home Screen
  • Under the PLATFORM TOOLS navigate to the Process Automation, under that you will find Workflow Rules.
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync |  Process Automation
  • In the same window, click on the New Rule button to configure a new workflow rule.
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync | New Rule
  • You will be prompted with the dialog box, Select Continue with Workflow Rules option.
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync | Workflow Rules Option
  • Select the Salesforce Object you want the rule to be applied to and then click on Next.
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync | Salesforce Object Option
  • Under Rule Name enter the name of your choice. Under the Evaluation Criteria field, select created, and every time it's and edited option.
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync | Rule Name
  • If you want to apply any rules/conditions that should be satisfied when an object is updated you can configure them under Rule Criteria.
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync | Rule Criteria
  • Click on Save & Next to save the rule.
  • From the Add Workflow Action dropdown, select New Outbound Message.
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync | Add Workflow Action
  • In the Outbound Messages screen, enter the below information.
  • Name Enter any name of your choice.
    Endpoint URL Please paste the endpoint URL copied from the plugin’s Workflow Integration Tab
    Accounts field to send Select the fields you want to sync with WordPress
     Salesforce to WP real time sync | Outbound screen
  • Click on Save.
  • On the next screen, in the right corner, click on Done.
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync | Salesforce Integrations
  • Click on Activate to activate the Workflow rule.
  •  Salesforce to WP real time sync | Activate

The WordPress Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin facilitates real-time sync from Salesforce to WordPress, using workflow automation rules. By following this guide, you have successfully configured the workflow rules for your Salesforce-WP sync purposes, and now if you create or edit any object satisfying the rule then the configured fields will get synced with WordPress.

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