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Configure JXplorer with Joomla LDAP for Intranet

Configure JXplorer with Joomla LDAP for Intranet

JXplorer is a cross-platform LDAP browser and editor.

To use the JXplorer server, install the JXplorer Server from here. To install and use the JXplorer server, ensure that you have the JRE version already installed.

JXplorer handles all the basic ldap operations required to browse and modify an ldap directory. In addition it is highly configurable - the user can customise it in a number of ways, ranging from simple configuration of html viewing templates through to creating plug in java code.

1. Installation of JXplorer

    After launching the .exe file, the following window will open and click on Next.

    Ldap JXplorer-install
  • You can read the License Agreement and accept the agreement and click on Next.
  • Ldap JXplorer - License aggrement
  • Select the Installation Directory and click on Next.
  • Ldap JXplorer - Installation
  • Now the JXplorer is ready to install on your computer, click on Next.
  • Ldap JXplorer - install
  • You can wait while the setup is being installed.
  • Ldap JXplorer - installed
  • Click on Finish once the software has been installed.
  • Ldap JXplorer-server - ldap server

2. Setting Up JXplorer

  • On opening the JXplorer server, the following window will appear.
  • Azure AD user sync with Joomla - Home Screen
  • To connect to the Active Directory, click on File -> Connect.
  • Ldap JXplorer - Active-directory
  • Enter the Host name, Base DN and the level of security that you want to bind to. After filling the details click on OK to connect to the Active Directory.
  • Ldap JXplorer - ldap
  • After connecting to the Active Directory, the entire information of the AD will be shown as below.
  • Ldap JXplorer - Active-directory
  • You can update the users details and click on Submit.
  • Ldap JXplorer - Submit

3. Adding a New Entry

  • Select the search base, right click and then select New.
  • Ldap JXplorer Server - SERVER
  • Add the details of the entry and click on Ok.
  • Ldap JXplorer - LDAP Server
  • You can also update the details and click on Submit.
  • Ldap JXplorer - ldap

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