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Single Sign On (SSO) for Johns Hopkins Medical Center

Single Sign On (SSO) for Johns Hopkins Medical Center

John Hopkins Medical Center is an integrated global health enterprise and one of the leading healthcare systems in the United States. They have multisite environment with 80+ sites to access using a single user account and password. Also deployed a customized solution for role-based access by users to pages and their content of the site. Users from different academic institutions can login to any of the sites.

miniOrange provides secure access to sites for enterprises and full control over access of applications, Single Sign On (SSO) into your site with one set of login credentials.

How miniOrange SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Solution works for John Hopkins Medical Center

 SAML Single Sign-On(SSO) for WordPress - John Hopkins SSO Login WordPress flow

Without miniOrange SSO Solution for Multisite support, you have to do idp configuration on each site individually and add service provider configuration for each site in the IDP.

Benefits of using miniOrange SSO Solution

1. Easy to integrate :

If you have a site that keeps growing. For example – if you are a university and the site is for students, then choosing this option will save you the time to configure the solution on each new site that is added to your multisite network.

2. Easy to install :

You only have to install and configure the solution once. This is useful if you are using hosting providers like WP-Engine which do not allow installation of any external software to the server.

3. Easy to manage :

If you want to update any configuration in future, you just need to update on 1 site at network level and not on all sites hosted under that network.

4. Cost effective :

Installation of miniOrange sso service on each site with a separate license is a costly affair. In contrast, single product license with multisite support costs just a fraction of that.

Recommended Add-Ons

wp saml sso addons

SCIM User Provisioning

Allows syncing user's creation, updation and deletion from your IDP to WordPress site

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wp saml sso addons

Page and Post Restriction

Restricts WordPress pages and posts based on User Roles and User's Login Status

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wp saml sso addons

Learndash Integrator

Maps SSO users to LearnDash groups as per the group attributes sent by your IDP

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