Social Login Module For Prestashop Using Vkontakte | Vkontakte Social Connect.

Login with Vkontakte for PrestaShop

Vkontakte is the most popular social media and social networking platform in Russia. Popularly known as VK users can post photos, make new friends and gain followers on vkontakte.
Each and every person no matter young or old has a Vkontakte account in Russia with over 70 million active daily users and 3 billion daily page views.
Keep reading to know how to implement login with Vkontakte on PrestaShop. We also provide login using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, and Discord and many more applications.

Step 1: Add miniOrange Social Login Module to your PrestaShop Store :

  • Go to Social Login Module for PrestaShop on PrestaShop marketplace. Click on Add to cart to install it on your store.
  • miniOrange social login module download for prestashop setup
  • Once you have installed it, it will take you to the Module Manager tab.
  • click on module manager vkontakte prestashop login
  • Click on Configure button.
  • enable vkontakte login click on configure module
  • To Setup a custom app for VKontakte, please follow the steps below.

Step 2: Configure Vkontakte app for login to PrestaShop :

  • Go to and sign in with your VKontakte developer account.
  • On VKontakte developers page, Click on the My Apps button and then click on Create app button.
  • vkontakte prestashop login create app for vkontakte SSO
  • Enter App name and select Website as the platform.
  • enter app name and website to enable vkontakte prestashop login
  • Copy the Website Address and Base Domain from the instructions page and paste it in the respective fields. Now click on Connect Website button.
  • copy website address and base domain to connect vkontakte for prestashop
  • You will be required to confirm your request with a code (OTP) send via SMS or a Phone Call
  • On information tab fill all app details.
  • fill details on information tab prestashop social login vkontakte
  • Click on Settings tab from the left hand side menu and enter Authorized redirect URL from the instructions page and paste it in the provided field. Click on Save button.
  • settings tab copy authorized redirect url for vkontakte login SSO
  • On the same (settings) page you can find App ID and Secure Key. Copy the App ID and Secure Key and paste it on instructions page as Client ID and Client Secret respectively.
  • enable vkontakte copy app id and secure key to configure vkontakte prestashop login

Step 3: Setup Vkontakte login in PrestaShop Module :

  • Install Social Login Module by miniOrange. Then go to Module Manager.
  • Once you have installed it, click on Configure to go to the Social login application dashboard.
  • vkontakte social login for PrestaShop Configure Social Login Module
  • This will take you to the social login dashboard. Here, please click on Vkontakte.
  • select vkontakte to enable Social media Login for Prestashop
  • Copy the Client Id and Client Secret from the Vkontakte Developer and Paste them into the fields in Vkontakte Login Instructions screen on the Social login app.
  • configure vkontakte social media login PrestaShop
  • Click on the Save button to save the credentials. Then, Click on the Test Configuration button.
  • save and test configuration for vkontakte prestashop login
  • A notification from the app will pop-up that the test configuration was successful. That means your Custom app was set properly.
  • vkontakte social login Test Configuration to enable vk
  • Go to the App Dashboard and click on the toggle button on Vkontakte icon to activate Vkontakte login button so that people can sign-in to your store using Connect with Vkontakte.
  • vkontakte social media login active for prestashop
  • Now, You can see the Vkontakte social Login button is activated on your PrestaShop Store. This will allow users to connect to your store using Vkontakte.
  • vkontakte prestashop social login icon on prestashop store

Step 4: Display Options for Social Login Icons :

  • Navigate to Display Options and you will find all the available display options where you can display social login icons.
  • prestashop social login icons display options
  • Select all the options where you want to display social login icons.
  • presatashop select display options to display social login icons
  • All of the sections that have been enabled in the display options section will have social login icons displayed.
  • social login on all positions on PrestaShop login page

  • Conclusion:
    You have successfully configured Vkontakte Social Login for your Prestashop Store using miniorange Social Login Module .This solution ensures that you are ready to roll out easy and secure access to your Store site using miniorange Social Login Module within minutes and without any technical knowledge.

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