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OTP Based Two Factor Authentication Methods

A One-Time Password (OTP) is an auto-generated numeric or in some cases alphanumeric string of characters. This OTP login code can be used as 2FA in our miniOrange WordPress 2FA plugin to verify the users’ identities using methods such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, miniOrange Authenticator, OTP over WhatsApp, OTP over Telegram, OTP over SMS, OTP over Email and many more. This type of authentication happens in real-time and helps improve the security of your WordPress website.

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OTP based Two Factor Authentication Methods


OTP Over Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a TOTP (Time-based OTP) method from Google. It provides secure OTP login for 2FA which expires after the time limit and a new secure OTP is generated. Using our miniOrange WordPress 2FA plugin, it is possible to use Google Authenticator OTP authentication as 2FA for your WordPress website.


OTP Over Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft authenticator is a TOTP (Time-based OTP) method from Microsoft. Our miniOrange WordPress 2FA plugin has Microsoft authenticator as 2FA method which generates OTP login codes in real-time to prevent unverified access to your WordPress website.


OTP Over LastPass Authenticator

Use LastPass authenticator method as 2FA for your WordPress website using our miniOrange WordPress 2FA plugin. LastPass authentication method generates a 6-digit OTP login code in real-time and prevents attackers from gaining access to your WordPress website without this real-time OTP login code.


OTP Over WhatsApp

Get OTP login for your WordPress website on the world’s most popular messaging app, WhatsApp. With the OTP over WhatsApp feature in our miniOrange WordPress 2FA plugin, OTPs are encrypted and sent to the user. This reduces the risk of fraud, spam and trojan attacks and helps make your WordPress website more secure.


OTP Over Telegram

Send OTP over Telegram as 2FA during login on WordPress for your users. This method allows the admin to enroll the services of a telegram bot to send OTP login codes over Telegram as 2FA for their WordPress website.


OTP Over miniOrange Authenticator

It is our in-house application for miniOrange Authentication Service (MAS) which can be used as a 2FA method in our miniOrange WordPress 2FA plugin. The admin can enable one of the following three methods: QR code scan, Push notification or OTP login code generated every 30 seconds as 2FA.



The miniOrange WordPress 2FA plugin also allows sending OTP login codes over SMS to the user’s registered mobile number as 2FA. You can use custom SMS gateways or the miniOrange SMS gateway for sending the OTP login codes. We also provide a firebase integration for sending a larger volume of OTP login codes via SMS.


OTP Over Email

Using the miniOrange WordPress 2FA plugin, you can send OTP login codes over email as 2FA. This enables the admin to authenticate selected users/user roles by sending OTP login codes to their registered email ids. You can use custom Email gateways or the miniOrange Email gateway for sending the OTP login codes.


OTP Over Authy Authenticator

Authy authenticator can be used by the users to get Soft token / OTP login codes as 2FA as 2FA in miniOrange WordPress 2FA plugin. Like Google Authenticator, this also generates a time-dependent 6 digit OTP login code but unlike Google Authenticator, it also provides multi-device support, is also available as a browser extension and has encrypted recovery backups.

Why to use OTP login codes as 2FA?

Using only username and passwords for authentication during login on your WordPress website leaves your website more vulnerable and increases the risk of attacks. The problems encountered by static passwords, especially those created by the user happen to be two-fold. Firstly, they tend to be weak. Secondly, they tend to be reused across multiple websites. The OTP login codes as 2FA act as an additional layer of security on top of the credentials already being used. Since these codes are auto-generated in real-time, they solve both the issues mentioned above. They are auto-generated in real-time and therefore neither require the user to remember a complex passwords nor carry the risk of the same OTP login codes being used by the same user across multiple websites. The combination of these attributes, bolsters your WordPress website’s security and makes it impervious to cyber attacks.

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