How To Set Up Discord Social Login To Your WordPress Website | Plugin

What is Social Login?

Social Login allows users to connect to any website using various networking platforms such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter. It is a form of single sign-on for users designed and implemented to make logging in easier for end-users. Using social login users can sign into any third-party website without having to create an account.

How does Social Login Works?

The social login process is extremely simple. Users come to your website and select whichever social login provider they want to login. They fill in their details on the social network provider’s site. Once the authentication process is completed by the social provider the user can start using your WordPress website. If they are a new user then they are registered and if they are an existing user they are logged in.

miniOrange Social Login is enables your users to use their Discord account to login/register. Give your users a Best choice, without remembering passwords, to login/register.

Discord is an application where voice and text chat can be enjoyed by a community of gamers. If the user uses a website and decides to log in to Discord Account, the third party application competency helps.
Learn how to implement Discord login on WordPress site in a few easy steps by following the guide below.

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Step 1: Configure Discord Social Login In WordPress :

  • Visit Discord developer portal and sign in with your discord app developer account.
  • On the page, Click on the New Application button and enter a Name for your app. Click on Save.
  • WordPress Discord Social Login account new application WordPress Discord Social Login Add redirect URL
  • Click on OAuth2 form left section.
  • Click on Add redirect and Enter Callback URL in that.
  • Enter identify as Scope.
  • WordPress Discord Social Login General information discord login page
  • Copy the Client Id and Client Secret from the General information
  • WordPress Discord Social Login users credentials

Step 2: Set credentials in miniOrange Social Login Plugin

  • go to miniOrange Social Login → Click on Configure Apps → click on Discord Login Icon:
  • Copy the Client Id and Client Secret form above setup and Paste them into the fields in Instructions.
  • Discord wp social login Client Id
  • Then click on Save & Test Configuration button.
  • Discord social login Test Configuration
  • Custom app will set properly when Test configuration get successful
  • If you not able to Add Discord Social login icons on your custom login/registration page of your website, you can use our shortcode Guide.

Different use cases for Discord Add-on

Use case: Role Mapping from Discord to WordPress or WordPress to Discord

  • After creating an Application,go to the Bot section.
  • go to Bot section in discord dashboard
  • Click on the Add Bot button.
  • build a bot button for discord Add a bot button for role mapping
  • Now we need to add Bot to our server with the permission to access roles. You need to check Bot and select the permission and it will generate the URL. You need to copy that URL and paste it into the new tab. After that, you need to select the server where you need to add the Bot.
  • After successfully authorization, Go to the Bot section and copy the token.
  • bot to for user in discord role mapping application

Use case: Discord Auto Post

  • Discord Channel will be posted on WordPress Website automatically with this Integration.
  • Fill the all details in Discord Auto Post Settings
  • Discord Auto Post details
  • After Posting a Post on WordPress Website Below image shows How it is Look Like.
  • Discord After posting a post in wordpress

Use case: Discord Attribute Mapping

  • Discord Attribute Mapping to WordPress Profile Picture.
  • Mapping the Discord profile picture with the WordPress Profile picture after the Single sign-on.
  • Discord avatar profile picture

Use case: Restricting the users

  • During Login/Registration to your website using Discord it will check where the user is present in the Discord Channel or not and after that only it will permit the Login/Registration action.
  • If the user is logged in and due to some reason the same user is removed from the discord channel then he will logout of the website too.

Use case: Managing users

  • We can Integrate the Discord with WordPress website in a manner where it can Handle the Guild Members.
  • Based on certain conditions as per your business requirement the Users can be added, modified and deleted from the discord channel

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