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miniOrange Social Login is enables your users to use their Discord account to login/register. Give your users a Best choice, without remembering passwords, to login/register.

WordPress Discord Add-on integration allows you to map roles from your discord server to the WordPress user profile while using Social Login. You can also map WordPress user roles, subscriptions to your Discord server. You can add, delete, update members in your Discord server from the WordPress site and as well as map Discord Avatar to the WordPress user profile.

Discord Social Login In WordPress :

Different use cases for Discord Add-on

Use case: Discord Integration

Step 1: Set up to obtain Discord Guild ID :-

  • Visit Discord Application and sign in with your discord app account.
  • Select your required Discord Server and click on Settings icon.
  • discord integration server settings

  • Click on Advance option from the left hand side menu and enable the Developer Mode.
  • discord advance options for discord integration

  • Right click on Server name and and you will see Copy ID button. This is your Discord Guild ID.

  • discord guild ID discord integration

  • Copy the Guild ID and paste it in Discord Guild ID field on discord application.

  • paste discord guild ID discord integration

Step 2: Set up to obtain Discord Guild Bot :-

  • Visit Discord Developer Portal and sign in with your discord app developer account.
  • Select the same custom app created for Discord Login. Now click on Bot and click on Add Bot.

  • discord integration create new discord bot

  • Once the bot is created. Click on Copy Token. This is your Discord Guild Bot ID. Paste it in the Discord Bot Guild ID field.

  • copy guild bot token

    copy guild bot token discord social login

Step 3: Configure Permissions to add users to Discord Server :-

  • Go to OAuth2 tab from left hand side menu and enable all the required permissions.

  • discord integration enable permissions

  • Now you will recieve an URL under the scopes. Copy the URL and hit it in the browser. Select the Server and click on continue to complete the authorization. Now you will be successfully logged in into the server.

  • discord URL to add users to server

  • When a user performs login on your website through Discord. The user will also be automatically created into your Discord server.

  • select discord server integration

    user added to discord server after discord social login

Use case: Role Mapping from Discord to WordPress or WordPress to Discord

  • After creating an Application,go to the Bot section.
  • go to Bot section in discord dashboard
  • Click on the Add Bot button.
  • build a bot button for discord Add a bot button for role mapping
  • Now we need to add Bot to our server with the permission to access roles. You need to check Bot and select the permission and it will generate the URL. You need to copy that URL and paste it into the new tab. After that, you need to select the server where you need to add the Bot.
  • After successfully authorization, Go to the Bot section and copy the token.
  • bot to for user in discord role mapping application
  • Now, perform login into your WordPress site using Discord.
  • discord social login button on wordpress site login with discord
  • After successfully login through discord on your website. The user is automatically added to the discord server.
  • user added to discord server after discord social login

Use case: Discord Auto Post

  • Discord Channel will be posted on WordPress Website automatically with this Integration.
  • Fill the all details in Discord Auto Post Settings
  • Discord Auto Post details
  • After Posting a Post on WordPress Website Below image shows How it is Look Like.
  • Discord After posting a post in wordpress

Use case: Discord Attribute Mapping

  • Discord Attribute Mapping to WordPress Profile Picture.
  • Mapping the Discord profile picture with the WordPress Profile picture after the Single sign-on.
  • Discord avatar profile picture

Use case: Restricting the users

  • During Login/Registration to your website using Discord it will check where the user is present in the Discord Channel or not and after that only it will permit the Login/Registration action.
  • If the user is logged in and due to some reason the same user is removed from the discord channel then he will logout of the website too.

Use case: Managing users

  • We can Integrate the Discord with WordPress website in a manner where it can Handle the Guild Members.
  • Based on certain conditions as per your business requirement the Users can be added, modified and deleted from the discord channel

    Below Video for Configure Discord Social Login In WordPress.

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