Guide To Configure BuddyPress With WordPress Social Login

Step 1: Configure BuddyPress in Wordpress :

  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard and search for BuddyPress.
  • Select Install Now and click on Activate Plugin.
  • buddypress download
  • The first section is for Components. I would recommend leaving the components for “Extended Profiles” and “Account Settings” active, and then selecting a few others that you think you will use. For example you might want to enable “Notifications” for your users or “Private Messaging” to encourage users to get to know each other one on one.
  • buddypress setup
  • Next is the main Options section, where you can enable or disable various member features. This is also where you can choose between the legacy or nouveau BuddyPress design.
  • buddypress member feature
  • Then if you click on the Pages section you’ll find the options to set (you guessed it) your main BuddyPress pages. Depending on the components you enabled you’ll have different “Directories” page options.
  • buddypress page option

Step 2: Setup BuddyPress in Social Login Plugin

  • Download miniOrange social login plugin from here and Install it.
  • social login install
  • Navigate to Integrations > BuddyPress option. Click on Add Application button
  • social loign buddypress integration
  • Select Application name from drop down list and Select Name from drop down list
  • social loign buddypress select app name
  • After registration with social login BuddyPress profile attribute will get display
  • social login profile

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