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Guide To Configure BuddyPress With WordPress Social Login

Guide To Configure BuddyPress With WordPress Social Login

What is BuddyPress?

If you want to build a small community of your own on your website then BuddyPress is the perfect plugin for you. It is basically a software that can transform your WordPress website into a mini social network. BuddyPress provides you with tons of community oriented features that will integrate a lot of comradery on your Wordpress Website.

Why Should I use BuddyPress on my Wordpress Site?

If you’ve been using WordPress for a while now, you probably know that you can use various plugins to extend the functionality of your Wordpress website.
BuddyPress is a plugin which focuses on creating a community around your website. You can create your very own social network for your company and use it to facilitate communication and collaboration between employees.Users can create their own profiles, send messages, create groups, share status updates, and much more.

What is BuddyPress Integration?

Buddypress Integration maps the user information entered during registeration (username, email etc.) and automatically pre-fills the information in the profile data of the user on BuddyPress Account page. whenever a user visits his profile he will get the data filled.

How BuddyPress Social Login Works

Let us give you an example for how buddypress social login works: Almost every user has an account on social media and social networking websites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, Discord, LinkedIn etc. We can use these accounts to safely, securely and quickly log in users to your Wordpress website. Say, for example, you have enabled Social Login with Facebook. Whenever a user tries to register or login to your website they will have the option to register using social network applications. They just have to click on the Connect with Facebook button. This will log them into your WordPress site using their Facebook account. Thus your users dont have to go through the proces of creating an account or remembering the username and password. BuddyPress Integration is another usefull feature. If you have BuddyPress Integration enabled then user information will be mapped to their profiles on BuddyPress Account page.
Thus using social login users can easily and instantly sign-in or sign-up and start using all the features provided by BuddyPress and your website.

Steps to Configure BuddyPress Integration with miniOrange Social Login into WordPress (WP)

Method 1: Using BuddyPress with Social Login Plugin In Wordpress

Follow the steps below to configure BuddyPress Integration in WordPress

miniorange img Configure BuddyPress Integration in WordPress

Step 1: Configure BuddyPress In WordPress :

  • For Social Login to Buddypress, the first thing you’ll need to do is to install BuddyPress and MiniOrange Social Login Plugins on your website. You can download BuddyPress for free from the WordPress repository, then upload it to your site. Even easier, you can install it right through your WordPress dashboard.
  • install buddypress in wordpress
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New. Use the search bar to search for “buddyPress”, and click on Install Now when you find the right plugin. The plugin author should be listed as The BuddyPress Community.
  • buddypress plugin in wordpress
  • Click on Settings > BuddyPress. The first section is for Components. We would recommend leaving the components for “Extended Profiles” and “Account Settings” active, and then selecting a few others that you think you will use. For example you might want to enable “Notifications” for your users or “Private Messaging” to encourage users to get to know each other one on one.
  • buddypress account settings on wordpress website
  • In the Options section you can find all the features offered by BuddyPress. This is also where you can select the BuddPress theme or template design, namely legacy or nouveau.
  • how to configure buddypress in wordpress
  • In the Pages section you can configure all the pages required for BuddyPress. Depending on the different BuddyPress components you are using you will get different "Directories" options.
  • change default buddypress pages for wordpress
  • This is the basic BuddyPress setup required for Social Login. For a more detailed description on how to setup BuddyPress you can click here.

Step 2: Configure BuddyPress Display Options for your Website

  • Download miniOrange Social Login Plugin from here and Install it.
  • download plugin for social login from wordpress
  • Activate the Social Login Applications that you need from your miniOrange Social Login plugin dashboard.
  • activate social login apps for wordpress site
  • For displaying social login icons on BuddyPress pages, go to Display Options tab on the plugin. Under BuddyPress Display Options check all the options where you want display social login icons.
  • enable buddypress social login wordpress display options
  • Application icons will appear wherever you have enabled them.
  • Now, users can click the app buttons to easily log in to your website instead of going through the process of BuddyPress Registration.

Step 3: Configure BuddyPress Integration for your Website

  • For BuddyPress Integration go to the Integrations tab. Here you will get BuddyPress Extended Attributes Mapping. To configure the Integration, Click on Add Application.
  • social login apps for wordpress
  • Select Application Name and Name from the dropdown list.
  • social login buddypress integration wordpress settings
  • Now, when any user goes to their profile under BuddyPress on your Website, their mapped information will be visible.
  • social login profile buddypress wordpress

Method 2: Using BuddyPress Add On With miniOrange Social Login Plugin In Wordpress :

Our BuddyPress Add-On plugin makes everything simple and quite functional for you. If all you need are a few basic social networking applications and BuddyPress login options and integration on your website then the BuddyPress/BuddyBoss Add-On is the answer for you. It is the perfect extension for our social login plugin. Simply install, select what social networks you want, enable display options or integration and that's it! You're done!

Step 1: Configure BuddyPress Add On

  • Make sure you have Downloaded and Installed BuddyPress and MiniOrange Social Login Plugins as mentioned in the steps above.
  • Click on the Add On tab on the MiniOrange Social Plugin Dashboard.
  • add ons in miniorange social login wordpress
  • Click on BuddyPress Add On. If you haven't already purchased the BuddyPress Add On, click on Purchase to buy the miniOrange Social Login BuddyPress Add On. Refer to this Guide to know how to purchase the Add On.
  • purchase buddypress add on miniorange social login
  • If you have purchased the BuddyPress Add On, click on Verify Key.
  • verify key
  • Enter your License Key, make sure you have read the terms and click on the checkbox. Click on Activate License.
  • buddypress add on verify key

Step 2: Enable BuddyPress Add On Display Options

  • Once your License is activated, you can start using the BuddyPress Integration.
  • Enable the options where you want Social Login Icons to be displayed on the BuddyPress Pages.
  • buddypress add on display options miniorange social login
  • Click on Save.
  • buddypress add on display options save
  • Social Login Icons will be displayed on BuddyPress Registration or BuddyPress Account Details pages if you have enabled them.

Step 3: Enable BuddyPress Integration through Add On

  • For BuddyPress Integration scroll down to BuddyPress Extended Attributes Mapping. This is BuddyPress Integration. To configure the Integration, Click on Add Application.
  • social login apps
  • Select Application Name and Name from the dropdown list.
  • social login buddypress integration settings
  • Now, when any user goes to their profile under BuddyPress on your Website, their mapped information will be visible.
  • social login profile buddypress wordpress

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