How to create a Google app for Social Login Into WordPress

Why should I use the Google login on my WordPress site?

  • Most Internet users are still logged in to their Google Login accounts.With a one-click Google Social login on your WordPress login page, your users can quickly log in to your website using their Gmail account. It saves them time, and they wouldn't have to enter their login details at every time.

  • How can I display a Google login button on my WordPress site?

  • If you not able to Add Google Social login icons on your custom login/registration page of your website, you can use our shortcode Guide.

  • show Login with Google account option when User try to sign up or Login. Many people love this button because they could save time because of no need to register and remember the password as well. All they need is their existing Google accounts.

    If you interesting such a great feature but are still wondering how to allow users to login by a Google account on your WordPress website, this guide is for you!

    Step 1: Configure Google Social Login In WordPress :

    • Go to Google developers console at and sign up/Login with your Google developer account.
    • Google WordPress social login
    • Click on Create Project to create a new Google Apps Project (refer to image below).
    • Google WordPress social login Google apps
    • Enter your Project name under the Project Name field.Next,Click on create button.
    • Google WordPress social login project name
    • Now, again click on Select a Project (highlighted in the image below) and select the newly created Project by clicking on the project name that you entered in the previous step.
    • Google WordPress social login create project
    • Go to Navigation Menu APIs & Services Oauth consent screen.
    • Select External as an User type with a Google Account.
    • Google WordPress social login OAuth consent
    • After In OAuth consent screen tab Enter Application name and add your site’s domain name to the Authorized domains section.(from your miniOrange social login plugin) You should also fill out the basic contact information:
    • Google WordPress social login OAuth consent
    • Click on Credentials then Click on Create credentials button and then select OAuth Client ID from the options provided.
    • Google wp social login ClientID
    • Select Web Application the options below Application Type.
    • Google WordPress social login Application
    • Enter the Application name and enter the Redirect/Callback URI from miniOrange social login plugin WordPress under the Authorized redirect URIs field.
    • Google WordPress social login callback
    • Click on the Create button to save your configurations.
    • Copy your Client ID and Client Secret and save it in your miniOrange social login plugin WordPress. (under client id and client secret field respectively).
    • Google WordPress social login Client Secret

    Step 2: Set credentials in miniOrange Social Login Plugin

    • go to miniOrange Social Login Plugin → Click on Configure Apps → click on Google:
    • Google WordPress social login miniOrange social
    • Copy the Client Id and Client Secret form above setup and Paste them into the fields in Google Instructions.
    • Google WordPress social login Client Id
    • Then click on Save & Test Configuration button.
    • Google WordPress social login Test Configuration
    • A new window will appears right now and ask you to login to your Google account. Login with the account which you used to register the account in Google for Developer. Press Continue as … to complete the login process.
    • A notification from the plugin that The test was successful will be shown. That means your Custom app will set properly.

      Below Video for Configure Google Social Login In WordPress Plugin.

      WordPress Social Login (Facebook, Google, Twitter)

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