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Step 1: Configure Kakao Social Login In WordPress :

  • Go to Tumblrs developers dashboard Sign in with your Kakao account.
  • Click on create an App (앱만들기). button on top left corner.
  • Then enter App name (앱 이름) and Company name (회사명) and click on Create an app (앱 만들기).
  • kakao account
  • On the left menu under Set (설정) click on normal/general (일반) and then click on adding platforms (플랫폼 추가) and select Web (웹)
  • menu Web
  • the Site Domain section enter URL
  • Domain URL
  • In Redirect path (리디렉션 경로) enter Redirect URL and click on Save (저장)
  • Redirect URL
  • Copy the REST API 키 from this page and Paste it into the Client ID in field above.
  • n the left menu under Set (설정) click on User Management (사용자 관리) Enable user management (사용자 관리)
  • Enable Profile information(프로필 정보(닉네임/프로필 사진)), Kakao account (email)(카카오계정(이메일)), gender(성별), Age group(연령대) and birthday(생일) and in every Purpose of collection (수집목적) field enter Social login and click on save (설정)
  • Profile information
  • Go to Advance (고급) section and click on code generate (코드) copy the code (코드) from this page and Paste it into the Client Secret in field above.
  • Click on the Save settings button.
  • Settings

Step 2: Set credentials in miniOrange Social Login Plugin

  • Paste the API Key and API Secret in your miniOrange social login plugin (under client id and client secret field respectively).
  • Kakao WordPress social login Client Id and secret
  • Then click on Save & Test Configuration button.
  • Kakao WordPress social login Test Configuration
  • A notification from the plugin that The test was successful will be shown. That means your Custom app will set properly.
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