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Discord Role Mapping from WordPress to Discord (WordPress Discord Integration)

Discord Role Mapping from WordPress to Discord (WordPress Discord Integration)

Discord Role Mapping allows you to automate the process of assigning role to the users in Discord server on the basis of their role in the WordPress. It also allows you to add a user in your discord server if the user who registered to your website is not present in discord server. Users role are mapped at the time of registration. Whenever the role is updated in the website it will also synchronise the corrosponding role in the discord server.
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Steps to Configure Discord Role Mapping (WordPress to Discord Integration) with miniOrange Social Login into WordPress (WP)

Step 1: Configure WordPress Role Mapping in Discord Server :

Follow the steps below to configure Discord Role Mapping Integration in WordPress

miniorange img Configure Discord Role Mapping Integration in WordPress
  • First of all, Setup Custom Application for Discord. You can refer to the guide to setup custom application from Discord.
  • Now, Navigate to bot tab from left hand side menu. Click on the Add Bot button.
  • WordPress Discord Integration role mapping add bot
  • Copy the Token and paste the token in Bot Token Key field.
  • wordpress to discord role Mapping copy the token key
  • Now, Open your Discord server, right-click on the server name, then select Copy ID. Paste it in the Guild ID field.
  • wordpress to discord role mapping copy the guide ID discord Integration discord integration role mapping paste guild ID and bot token
  • Go to URL generator under OAuth2 section and select the following permissions.
  • URL generator select permissions for wordpress to discord role mapping
  • Copy the generated URL and paste it in a new tab. You will be asked to select a discord server to join. Select the server and provide admin permissions to the server.
  • URL generator select permissions for discord role mapping

Step 2: Role Mapping in Discord based on Role in WordPress

  • Create custom roles in WordPress as per your requirements.
  • Navigate to Server Settings on your Discord Server.
  • social login discord integration server settings
  • Go to Roles tab and click on Create Role button.
  • create roles in WordPress Discord role mapping
  • Enter the Role Name and other details. (Note:- Keep Discord Role name same as WordPress Role) Save the settings.
  • discord wordprss integration role name
  • Shift to Permissions tab and enable Manage Roles checkbox.
  • manage roles for discord sign in wordpress to discord
  • Now, Right click on the Role name and copy the Role ID from copy ID button.
  • discord integration copy role ID
  • Paste the Role ID in the field corresponding to the Role name.
  • Paste role ID WordPress Discord
  • Now, When a user registers or login through discord on your website. He will be assigned a role in your Discord server same as his role in your WordPress website.
  • wordpress to discord role mapping assigned role to users based on wordpress discord wordpress integration discord role mapping
  • You can download social login plugin using the following link.

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