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Import Users from LDAP

Import Users from LDAP

The import users feature allows you to import all Active Directory / LDAP users to your Drupal site. This module also gives you the flexibility to import only a subset of users from your LDAP server based on the selected search base. In addition to importing the users, you can also map user roles and information from LDAP to the corresponding user attributes in Drupal.


1. Install the Drupal Active Directory LDAP/ Integration Module on your Drupal website.

2. Configure the module using these simple configuration steps.

Enable the import of the LDAP users:

  • Head over to the Directory Sync tab of the module.
  • Drupal LDAP directory sync
  • Under the Import Users From LDAP select the frequency of the importing users from LDAP server from the dropdown.
  • Drupal LDAP and Active Directory select frequency
  • Now enable the “Search User By Email, if not found by Username” checkbox if you want to check if user exist in drupal by both their email and username.
  • If user exist in Drupal then the user information is updated as per the LDAP server information.
  • If user doesnot exist then new user will be created in Drupal.
  • Drupal LDAP import users options
  • Enable “Enable Attribute and Role mapping during User sync” checkbox if you want to import users considering the attribute and role mapping of the user that is configured under the Attribute and Role Mapping tab. Eg, While importing the user “John doe” from LDAP server its attributes and roles are decided on the basis of configured Attribute and Role Mapping.
  • Enabling “Auto Create users after Sync” will provide you with three options
  • Block the new users which are not present in Drupal and present in AD: While importing the users, the users that are present in the LDAP server and not present in Drupal will be created as blocked user in Drupal.
  • Block the users which are not present in AD and present in Drupal: While importing the users, the users that are present in the Drupal and not present in LDAP server will be block in Drupal.
  • Create user as per the AD ( active/blocked if user is active/blocked in AD): While importing the users, the users will be created as per the LDAP server. If user is blocked/active in LDAP server then it will be created as blocked/active user in Drupal.
  • Do not block any user: While importing the users, none user will be blocked in Drupal site.
  • Under the “Username Attribute” enter the LDAP attribute by which your drupal user’s username will be check whether user exist in Drupal or not.
  • Drupal LDAP save configuration
  • Click on the Save Configuration button.
  • Click on Test Authentication and you will get all the Attributes of the user.
  • Please note that the users will be imported from the configured Search bases under the LDAP Configuration tab.
  • Now click on the Import Users button. Your all LDAP users will be imported in the drupal. If user already present in Drupal then it will be updated and if not present then it will be created in Drupal.If you face any issues you can check the logs under Reports>>Recent logs section.
  • Drupal LDAP save configuration

    If you want any assistance configuring the module or want to try the fully featured 7-days trial version of the module feel free to reach out to us at

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