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How to enable Two-factor authentication with Single Sign-on (SSO 2FA) for WordPress?

Implementing Single Sign-On with Two-Factor Authentication (SSO 2fa) can provide an enhanced level of security for user authentication across multiple systems. By handling WordPress logins with various authentications, we aim to boost user experiences. We provide a single sign-on solution with SAML and OAuth protocols, two-factor authentication, and social login (login with third-party social accounts). We aim to make WordPress user accounts more secure and concentrate mainly on user experience in these forms of authentication.

In this case, to register with WordPress and then remember passwords to login to the WordPress account, it is better to manage multiple accounts with IDP login credentials with a single sign-on. The Single Sign-On solution enables users to login/register to a WordPress account at the end of the Identity Provider by authenticating their profile. The Provider of Identity verifies a customer and sends approval.

But, even though you've added the Single Sign-on Widget login to your WordPress, there's an alternative Username and Password login. In the case of Single Sign-On, the Identity Provider responsible for authentication is responsible, but what if the user decides to log in to the WordPress account with a username and password? Is the password enough to open an account with WordPress?

The password for an alternative WordPress login solution (Username and Password login) is not adequate to secure a user account. Adding additional WordPress login security can help minimize losses.

SSO 2FA - WordPress login page


You can download miniOrange 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) plugin using the following link:undefined

This plugin can be configured for any TOTP-based/OTP Login 2fa methods like Duo/Microsoft/Google Authenticator. It supports OTP login based 2fa methods [24/7 SUPPORT]

  Tested with 6.0.1

What to do to overcome such security implications?

WordPress users face security problems with a single sign-on (SSO 2FA) during a username and password login. So, we can add two-factor authentication with username and password on Wordpress during login. With WP login form integration, Two Factor authentication (2FA) for WordPress helps you to secure login with 15+ authentication methods.

How single sign-on and two-factor authentication (SSO 2FA) works together for WordPress login?

SSO 2FA - sso 2fa GIF

How to setup Two-Factor authentication for WordPress login?

1.Install miniOrange 2-Factor Plugin

  • Login to your WordPress instance and click on Plugins > Add New.
  • SSO 2FA - Click add new option

  • Search for the Google authenticator plugin and click on the Install Now button.
  • SSO 2FA - Click install now

  • Now click on the Activate button.
  • SSO 2FA - Click activate button

    2.Advanced Setting setup

  • Click on the Advanced Settings button.
  • SSO 2FA - Select advance setting

  • Go to the Setup Two Factor tab from the navigation.
  • SSO 2FA - Select two factor tab

  • You can see the list of Authentication methods here. Click on the Configure button OTP Over Whatsapp.
  • SSO 2FA - Select OTP Over Whatsapp

  • Save Given phone number (+34 644179464) on your phone.
  • SSO 2FA - Search 2fa

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your phone and send the below text to the given phone number : Message: I allow callmebot to send me a message
  • Then you will receive the API Key.
  • SSO 2FA - Complete test

  • Enter the API key in the field beside and also enter the Phone number then click on the Verify button.
  • Enter One Time OTP which you received on the WhatsApp app and click on Validate OTP.
  • SSO 2FA - Click validate OTP

  • 2FA Setup is successful. Click on the Test it button.
  • SSO 2FA - Click test it

  • Enter the one-time passcode you received on your WhatsApp, and click on the Validate OTP button.
  • SSO 2FA - Test OTP Over Whatsapp page

    SSO 2FA - Test Completed

miniOrange provides multiple authentication methods, you can setup for our WordPress domain as per your choice:

What are the add-ons related to two-factor verification?

  • Enforce two-factor verification to WordPress users during user enrollment
    With the miniOrange two-factor plugin for WordPress login, you can notify WordPress users to configure Telegram verification during inline registration so that the second security layer will get added to their WordPress account.

  • Two-factor verification compatible with Woocommerce forms
    This method of verification is compatible with almost all WordPress login forms and also with the WooCommerce form.

  • Passwordless Login with two-factor Verification
    You can set Passwordless Login to your WordPress login with no worries by setting up Telegram verification with just simple steps.

  • Customization
    miniOrange login security also provides customization options. You can customize the two-factor prompt user interface according to the design of your WordPress website.

  • Backup methods
    In case you lose your two-factor authentication ability, you will also get backup methods like an alternate two-factor method or alternate extra security solution to get back to your WordPress account.

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