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How to show Salesforce records on the WordPress website?

How to show Salesforce records on the WordPress website?

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform which helps businesses to manage their customers and increase productivity by using solutions like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud, etc. In addition to its collection of solutions, Salesforce provides its users with a dedicated Community Portal. Consider the following use case with WordPress, for example, sync your Salesforce objects data to the WordPress site and show it in a tabular format or as cards.


You have a WordPress site whose Accounts are stored in Salesforce as objects. Every account has some information like Account holder name and Account Number and you want to synchronize your Salesforce objects into WordPress and display them in a tabular format or cards.


Attribute Mapping: Successfully authorize your application with Salesforce using Object Data Sync for Salesforce Enterprise plugin and configure Object attribute mapping in the plugin. You can provide more detail here, like : You can map the Salesforce fields to their corresponding WordPress fields wherein you would like to sync these fields' data.

Components Involved

Note: To show Salesforce data on WordPress site, use Data Visualization Add-on with Object Data Sync for Salesforce Enterprise plugin. You can download the free version to check basic functionality from the link given below.

If you want the Enterprise version of the plugin or have any questions related to your use-case you can contact us at

  1. Object Data Sync for Salesforce Enterprise plugin is used to sync any Salesforce object details (for example, Account details that are stored as Salesforce Accounts) into WordPress.

  2. WordPress Salesforce Object Sync | Sync Salesforce Objects bidirectionally with WordPress. Enable real-time sync, scheduled sync, Salesforce Sync with Workflows Automation, sync leads from WordPress to Salesforce, Salesforce ACF/CPT UI integrations, and more.

  3. Data Visualization Add-On is used to display the Account records in tabular format or as cards. Please reach out to us at to integrate the add-on.


This use-case can be solved using the Object Data Sync for Salesforce Enterprise plugin and Data Visualization add-on.

WordPress Object Data Sync for Salesforce Enterprise plugin should be installed and establish a successful connection with Salesforce. After getting successfully authorized with Salesforce, you would need to create an Object Mapping in the plugin.

Data visualization using Salesforce Objects | Workflow
  1. When you sync Account records from Salesforce to your WordPress site, records will be displayed into WordPress in a default format based on the selected WordPress object.
  2. Use Data Visualization add-on to create a custom shortcode by selecting salesforce_records i.e., the Salesforce object whose data you would like to be visually represented and your desired layout for representation.
  3. Paste the shortcode in any desired page of your WordPress site and update the page to display the synced Account record details in chosen layout format.


With the Data Visualization add-on, you can display Salesforce object records either in a table format or as separate cards on any page by using the generated shortcode. Additionally, you can synchronize Salesforce records into your WordPress site in real-time using the Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin.

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