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How to Translate WordPress Plugin Spanish Language With 2-factor authenticator (2FA/MFA) for WordPress

You can download miniOrange 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) plugin using the following link:

This plugin can be configured for any TOTP-based/OTP Login 2fa methods like Duo/Microsoft/Google Authenticator. It supports OTP login based 2fa methods [24/7 SUPPORT]

  Tested with 6.0.1

Follow the steps given below to set up Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) to translate the WordPress plugin Spanish Language?

1. Installation for 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) plugin.

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on the Settings menu.

    WordPress Dashboard

  • Go to the General settings. Click on the Site Language and Choose any language which you want. In this guide, we will translate the plugin into the Spanish language. You can follow these steps to translate the plugin into your own language.

    Site Language wordpress

  • Click on the Save Changes button.

    click Save Changes wordpress

  • We have Successfully Changed Language in Dashboard.

    successfully Changes WordPress language

  • Now download the Poedit app Setup and install it.

  • Poedit app download
  • Open the Poedit app and click on the Create new translation button.

    create new translation
  • Please go to wp-content/plugins folder and open miniOrange 2-Factor Authentication plugin .

    miniOrage 2-Factor plugin
  • Open the .pot file (Extension -.po) from miniOrange 2-Factor Authentication/lang path and Click on Open button.

    .pot file miniOrage 2-factor authenticator

  • Select the Spanish translation language and click on the ok button. NOTE: Here you may find multiple plugin language options for the same language. Please choose the appropriate language.

    language translate Spanish

  • Go to the Dashboard of the miniOrange-2-factor Authentication plugin.


  • Select the part from the UI which you want to be translated.
  • We will do this for Custom Login Redirect Url from the Login Settings tab.

    miniOrage login setting

  • Open the Poedit app and search fo ‘Custom redirect login Url’.

    poedit file custom redirect login url
  • Paste the respective Translation in the Translation box.

     Paste the respective Translation
  • Click on the Save button.

    poedit Save

  • The file contains suffixes related to language. In this case, the suffix added is ‘-es’ and add Specific name.
  • Add prefix of the plugin name while saving that file. E.g. miniorange-two-factor-premium-lite- for Premium Lite plugin, miniorange-2-factor-authentication- for the free plugin and so on.

    Rename folder  save

  • After saving the file you can check inside the plugin. We have successfully changed the language from English to Spanish.

    Successfully Change plufin spanish

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