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How to setup 2-Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA) for BuddyPress login form?

BuddyPress login form is an open-source social networking software package. It is a plugin that can be installed on WordPress to transform it into a social networking platform. 2FA Plugin authenticates users by sending a One-Time Passcode(OTP) over SMS and email verification before submitting BuddyPress login form. The purpose of this guide is to enable WordPress 2FA for BuddyPress login form. To use it with 2FA, go to the forms page in the WordPress admin and change the default login form for WordPress 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) plugin.

You can download miniOrange 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) plugin using the following link:

This plugin can be configured for any TOTP-based/OTP Login 2fa methods like Duo/Microsoft/Google Authenticator. It supports OTP login based 2fa methods [24/7 SUPPORT]

  Tested with 6.0.1

Follow the steps given below to set up Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) BuddyPress login form.

1. Installation for 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) plugin.

  • Open the WordPress dashboard, go to plugins and click on Add New.
  • 2FA BuddyPress login form - go to plugin option
  • Search for the Google Authenticator plugin in the search bar and install the plugin by clicking on Install Now.
  • 2FA BuddyPress login form - search the plugin name
  • Now, Click on Activate.
  • 2FA BuddyPress login form - click on activate button
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard and click on the miniOrange 2-Factor plugin from the left side menu.
  •  2FA BuddyPress login form - WordPress dashboard page

2. User Select the Specific Role for Authentication.

  • Now, Click on the Settings tab.
  • 2FA BuddyPress login form - Go to setting tab
  • You can scroll down and navigate to select user roles to enable 2-Factor.
  • Select any User Role and click on the Save Settings button.
  • 2FA BuddyPress login form - Select role of user

    3. 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) Configuration with ByddyPress login form.

  • Now, go to your BuddyPress login page.
  • Enter your WordPress login credentials and click on the Login button.
  • BuddyPress login form - Enter your username and password
  • miniOrange provides multiple 2-factor authentication(2FA) methods for WordPress, as shown in the image below.
  • BuddyPress login form - 2fa authentication methods list
  • You can select any 2fa method of your choice. We will be configuring Google Authenticator for the BuddyPress login form.
  • Select Google Authenticator from the list of two factor(2FA) methods.
  • BuddyPress login form - Select google authenticator
  • Now install Google Authenticator app on your phone and scan the QR code from the current page.
  • BuddyPress login form - scan google authenticator barcode
  • Once this is done, the Google Authenticator Application will provide you with the security/Soft token or the six digits to verify your identity. Enter this security token in the field below and click on Verify and Save.
  • BuddyPress login form - click verify and save button

    4. 2-Factor Authentication(2FA) Invoke with BuddyPress login form.

    • Now open the incognito window in your browser and type your website’s URL.
    • On trying to log in into the WordPress account, the BuddyPress login form will be prompted. Enter your account credentials and click on the Login button.
    • BuddyPress login form - enter your username and password
    • After entering the credentials, the Google Authenticator method will be prompted as a second factor for BuddyPresso login form. Now enter the security token/six digits from the Google Authenticator app and click on Validate.
    • BuddyPress login form - Enter received otp
    • You will now be logged in to the WordPress dashboard.
    • We have Successfully configured the 2FA/MFA (Google authenticator) with BuddyPress login form.
    • Buddy ress login form - Successful login

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