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WordPress Security

Discover The Strength Of Security Measures
And Safeguard Your Website

Password Policy Manager 

Strengthening Your WordPress Security: Guarding Against Password Vulnerabilities

WordPress Password Policy Manager secures your WordPress website against weak passwords which leads to cyber attacks like brute force, password guessing, dictionary attacks.

3000+ installs

5 Star Rated


Elevate Your Online Assessments with Advanced Proctoring

ProctoPress plugin consists of various features, such as browsing limitation, real-time candidate monitoring, candidate verification, integration with popular LMS plugins,etc.

50+ installs

5 Star Rated

Revision Press 

RevisionPress is a plugin which helps the administrator approve, reject, schedule or manage the changes made to a page or post. It ensures that the changes are made as per the administrator’s requirements.

Malware Scanner 

Safeguard Your Website with Proactive Malware Detection

Malware scanner allows you to proactively scan your website which checks for malware infections, security-threats, viruses, trojans, backdoors and other vulnerabilities.

10,000+ installs

5 Star Rated

WP Security Pro 

Complete Protection Suite for Your WordPress Website

WP Security Pro is a plugin which comprises of Web Application Firewall (WAF), Malware Scanner, Login & Spam protection along with Encrypted Backup to protect your website.

700+ installs

5 Star Rated

Limit Login Attempts 

Fortify Login Security, Secure Your Site

Limit Login Attempts comprises of Brute Protection, Google reCaptcha, Login & Spam protection in order to prevent attacks through the login page thereby securing your entire website.

3000+ installs

5 Star Rated

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