Guide To Configure Twitter Social Login In WordPress

Step 1: Configure Twitter Social Login In Wordpress :

  • Go to and sign up/login.
  • Select “Apps”. This is where all your registered Twitter apps will appear.
  • Twitter login
  • If you are new to the Developers site you won’t see any applications registered, Click on the big “Create a new app” button.
  • Twitter create app
  • On Create an application fill up your all details as follow, Put your website in the website field
  • Twitter details
  • Enter the Callback URL field where they would be returned after they’ve given permission to Twitter to use your app.
  • Twitter callback
  • Read Review our Developer Terms then click on Create button
  • Twitter Developer Terms
  • Copy your Client ID and Client Secret and save it on your miniOrange Social Login Plugin Configuration.
  • Twitter Client ID

Step 2: Set credentials in miniOrange Social Login Plugin

  • Copy the Client Id and Client Secret form above setup and Paste them into the fields in Instructions.
  • social login Client Id secret
  • Then click on Save & Test Configuration button.
  • social login Test Configuration
  • Custom app will set properly when Test configuration get successful

    WordPress Social Login (Facebook, Google, Twitter)
  • Below Video for Configure Twitter Social Login In Wordpress.

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