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How to Create Temporary Login for WordPress

How to Create Temporary Login for WordPress

Steps to Create Temporary Login (WP)

Have you ever need to create temporary WordPress accounts that automatically expire after a given time? Sometimes you may need to create temporary accounts to give temporary access to the admin area. we will show you how to create temporary login for WordPress in few minutes.

Follow the steps below to Create Temporary login in WordPress

  • You need to visit miniorange social login plugin » Go to Create Temporary Logins Tab and it will show a form where you need to enter some basic information of the temporary user you want to add.
  • Create temporaray login WordPress social login
  • You need to provide an email address for the user and then their first and last name.Next, you need to select a user role for the user and Then, you need to choose expiry duration for this temporary account. This is the period after which the account will automatically expire.
  • Click on the submit button to store your changes.
  • You will now see a success message and URL that anyone can use to login to the temporary account you just added. Copy the URL and paste it on incognito or share it with anyone you want to have access.
  • created temporary user login link for WordPress social login
  • User can directly login to WordPress admin panel without username and password by opening this link.
  • successful user login in wordpress website

Popular Integrations

WooCommerce Integration

With Woocommerce Integration you can Display Social Login buttons on Woocommerce pages and prefill details of a user in the billing and
checkout fields

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Discord Integration

Discord Integration add-on allows you to restrict the login/registration
of user based on
whether the user is present
in the Discord server

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HubSpot Integration

Hubspot Addon provide hubspot integration
where user contact will be automatically added to hubspot contact list on
successful registration via
social login applications

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Custom Registration form

With Custom Registration Form Add-On integrate details of new and existing users. Add multiple fields including the one returned by social sites during registration

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BuddyPress Integration

Buddypress integration add-on provides you both the features buddypress display option
and buddypress
extended attribute mapping

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MailChimp Integration

Mailchimp Add-On helps you to
integrate details of new as well as existing users. Mailchimp helps to Engage your audience with beautiful, branded emails.

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