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Send Wishes to LDAP/AD Staff on their Birthday / Work Anniversaries

Send Wishes to LDAP/AD Staff on their Birthday / Work Anniversaries

Staff/Employee Business Directory For Active Directory Plugin will send wishes to the staff / employees present in your LDAP/Active Directory through an email on their birthdays and work anniversaries. Also the staff / employees having birthdays and anniversaries will be displayed on a centralized WordPress page so that other employees can check out and congratulate the people having their special day.

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Staff/Employee Business Directory For Active Directory Plugin

By miniOrange

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  1. You have Active Directory/ LDAP Servers which contain your Staff / Employees / Users with all their information such as Name, Email, Phone, Joining Date, Birth Date, Anniversary etc.
  2. You want to wish your staff | employees by displaying their information on a centralized WordPress page on their Birthday / Work Anniversary.
  3. You also want to send this employee an email wishing them on their Birthday or Work Anniversary.

Components involved:

WordPress Staff/Employee Business Directory for Active Directory Plugin allows you to search users stored in Active Directory / LDAP Server without having to fetch them to your WordPress database.


In this setup,
The Staff/Employee Business Directory For Active Directory Plugin needs to be installed on the WordPress site.

  1. You will also need to complete the configuration of Staff/Employee Business Directory For Active Directory Plugin beforehand. You can refer to this installation guide to setup the plugin.
  2. Once you have successfully completed the configuration, Navigate to the WordPress page where you have added the shortcut of the plugin.
  3. Once you are on the shortcode page, you can see a section to search the LDAP/AD users.
  4. You can choose the search field such as Name, Email, Department or any of your choice and the keyword for search. Ex. Search Field can be Name and Keyword can be Peter.
  5. Once you have entered the search field and keyword, please click on the Search button.
  6. Once clicked on the Search button, the plugin will now search the users from your LDAP/AD with matching values and display on the same page with all their information along with the profile picture.

End user experience:

  • Wishes over email:
  • The users / employee present in LDAP / Active Directory will receive an email with wishes on their Birthdays and Work anniversaries respectively.

  • Wishes on a Central Page:
  • There will be a central page on which the information about the employees / staff whose Birthday or Work anniversaries fall on that particular day will be displayed. Along with the Wishes the basic information about employee such as Name, email, phone no., employee department, etc stored in LDAP/Active Directory can be displayed.

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