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Shopify SCIM user Provisioning

Key Features

Auto Account Provisioning

Connect with your other website / existing Application and auto-create user in Shopify when user signup in your other website or Application.

Auto Account Deprovisioning

Automatically disable a customer in Shopify store whenever the same user is removed/deleted from your other existing website or Application.

Automate real-time provisioning

Automatically Provision newly created or updated users in your Identity Provider into Shopify in real-time.

Attribute Mapping

Map and update Shopify user attributes automatically from your IDP.

Two-way User Profile in Sync

Update user in Shopify whenever a user is updated in your other website and vice versa.

Assign Tags to Customer

You can assign tags to each user at the time of user creation in Shopify.

Order Sync

Using Shopify Inventory Sync application youc an sync orders in real-time across multiple Shopify stores and other websites in just a few clicks.

Update Inventory Data

Shopify Stock Sync application creates and updates Inventory information in multiple Shopify stores at once. Any change to a collection is automatically synced with other Stores.

Set pricing

While syncing products from your IDP / LMS or any other website to Shopify Store, you can set a pricing rule on that products.


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What is SCIM?

SCIM - The System for Cross-domain Identity Management, involves the process of creating, updating, and deleting user accounts in multiple applications and systems. It is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that includes management and maintenance of an end user’s identity and user attributes in relation to accessing resources available in one or more systems.

How does SCIM Provisioning / Deprovisioning Works?

SCIM enables automating the process of provisioning / de-provisioning of user identities, it involves the process of creating, updating, and deleting user accounts in multiple applications and systems. It is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that includes management and maintenance of an end user’s identity and user attributes in relation to accessing resources available in one or more systems.

SCIM is a REST and JSON-based protocol that defines a client and server role. A client is usually an Identity provider (IDP), which contains user identities. A Service Provider (SP) is usually a SaaS app, like Shopify, that needs a subset of information from those identities. When changes to identities are made in the IdP (Identity Provider), including create, update, and delete, they are automatically synced to the SP according to the SCIM protocol.

Why choose SCIM?

SCIM allows to communicate user’s data across different apps, this enables IT departments to automate the provisioning / de-provisioning process while also having a single system to manage permissions and groups. It mitigates the risks associated with employees using the same password across different tools and apps. It simplifies the user experience by automating the user identity lifecycle management process.

Shopify inventory sync and stock sync
How to sync inventory between shopify stores

Get two-way real-time sync with the miniOrange Shopify SCIM app and allow provisioning/deprovisioning of users, products, orders, and much more. In Shopify it is mentioned that using SCIM you can integrate Shopify with Okta, Azure, and OneLogin. Using Webhooks, APIs, or SCIM protocols, the Shopify SCIM app can sync with any IDP. You can also utilize the miniOrnage Shopify SCIM app to establish user groups, push/delete them all at once, and assign any roles to these groups of users.

For example: Assume you run a service-based business. In the organisation, you have various IDP groups. Your company manages Shopify stores for your customers. You have various IDP groups to manage various Shopify stores. You should now map IDP groups to roles in the Shopify store so that you can control which IDP groups have access to which stores. You can do this with the miniOrange Shopify SCIM application.

Sync inventory into your Shopify store in Real-Time

Shopify Inventory-Sync app allows you to sync inventory to all of your connected Shopify stores in real time. When you create or update products in one store, the change is immediately transmitted to all of your other stores.

  • Quickly import thousands of items to your Shopify store.
  • Within seconds, inventory is updated across connected stores.
Connect/Share Products from Shopify Store to your other Store

MiniOrange Inventory-Sync application helps your products to reach beyond a single store. The app allows you to move a group of products from one store to another while the changes made to the original product are reflected in the connected store.

Shopify inventory sync and stock sync

Operations Supported

Update Users

It will update the user fields, all attributes/fields except email and username.

Create Users

Create users automatically in Shopify using First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, and other attributes passed by IDP (Identity Provider).


Once delete a user from IDP, it would deactivate a user from the Shopify

Delete Users

Disable the User in Shopify Store if the user is deleted from the IDP (Identity Provider).

Supported IDPs and LMS applications

Google Apps

Add-Ons and Other Solutions


Content restriction


SCIM User Provisioning


Discord Shopify Integrator


Uscreen Shopify Integration


Attribute Based Redirection


SSO Session Management


Thinkific Shopify Integrator


Shopify as IDP


Two Factor Authentication


Firewall IP and Country Restrict


Shopify Store Migration


Salesforce Shopify integrator

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SCIM User Provisioning Benefits

Communicate Across Platforms

User data is stored in a consistent way and can be communicated as such across different apps

Automate User Provisioning / Deprovisioning

SCIM Automates the provisioning and deprovisioning process while reducing the risk of error

Seamless Access

End-users have seamless access to applications for which they’re assigned, with up-to-date profiles and permissions.

Increased Security

Increased security and reduced costs by eliminating the possibility of idle user accounts and unauthorized information access

No Dependencies

Just install the module and you are good to go. No additional/external libraries required.

24/7 Active Support

We provide world-class support and customers vouch for our support.

Step-by-Step Guide for configuring Shopify SCIM Provisioning De-provisioning Application

Step 1: Install and setup App

  • Install Shopify SCIM Provisioning and De-provisioning Application from Shopify App Store.
  • Click on "Install app" button at right bottom of screen.
  • Enable New Customer Creation and SCIM Provisioning option as shown in the below image.
  • Shopfy SCIM provisioning - Enable SCIM in Shopify

Step 2: Configure your IdP

  • From the SCIM Provisioning and De-provisioning Application, copy the SCIM Bearer Token (Authorization Header) and paste it in your IdP (without https: and slashes).
  • Shopfy SCIM provisioning - SCIM Bearer tokken
  • Copy the SCIM Base URL from here ( ) and paste it in your IdP.

Step 3: Perform SCIM Operations

    Once you have configured your IdP with the plugin, you will be able to perform the following operations:

  • Create Users: Users when created on your IdP, will be created automatically on your Shopify store.
  • Update Users: Users data will be updated automatically on your Shopify store when updated in your IdP.
  • Deactivate: Users deleted from the IdP will be deactivated and not deleted from Shopify user list permanently.
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