Guide To Configure Paid Membership Pro with WordPress Social Login

Step 1: Configure Paid Membership Pro with WordPress Social Login :

  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard and search for Paid Memberships Pro.
  • Select Install Now and click on Activate Plugin.
  • paid pro install
  • The first step is to create your membership levels, or plans. To do this, select Memberships > Settings from your WordPress dashboard and then click on Create a Membership Level.
  • paid pro create membership
  • Give your membership level a name and description, providing your audience with all the information they need about the plan and the features offered. You can also add a confirmation message that will be displayed to users once they sign up for the plan.
  • paid pro level
  • Scroll down the page to Billing Details. Here you can choose how much to charge your users for accessing your content, set payments as a recurring subscription, and more.
  • paid pro billing details
  • Lastly, under Content Settings, select the content categories you would like members of this plan to be able to access.
  • paid ro categories
  • Select Save Level at the bottom of the page before moving on to create further membership plans.

Step 2: Setup Paid Membership Pro in Social Login Plugin

  • Download miniOrange social login plugin from here and Install it.
  • social login download
  • Navigate to Integrations > Paid Memberships Pro option. Create a page and use shortcode [pmpro_levels] where you want your Membership Levels Page to be displayed.
  • integration of membership pro
  • Copy the page link and paste it in the above field Level's Page Link Save it
  • select membership level
  • After user get Register with your membership level will get assign get display here
  • assign membership level

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