Guide To Configure Paid Membership Pro with WordPress Social Login

Paid Membership Pro is the member management and membership subscriptions plugin. With miniOrange Social Login Paid Membership Pro integration Display social login icons on Paid Memberships Pro checkout page. User will be assigned a default membership level or can choose from available membership levels when they register.

Step 1: Configure Paid Membership Pro with WordPress Social Login :

  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard and search for Paid Memberships Pro.
  • Select Install Now and click on Activate Plugin.
  • paid pro install
  • The first step is to create your membership levels, or plans. To do this, select Memberships > Settings from your WordPress dashboard and then click on Create a Membership Level.
  • Social login for paid membership pro create membership
  • Give your membership level a name and description, providing your audience with all the information they need about the plan and the features offered. You can also add a confirmation message that will be displayed to users once they sign up for the plan.
  • Social login for paid membership pro new membership level
  • Scroll down the page to Billing Details. Here you can choose how much to charge your users for accessing your content, set payments as a recurring subscription, and more.
  • Social login for paid membership pro billing details
  • Lastly, under Content Settings, select the content categories you would like members of this plan to be able to access.
  • Social login for paid membership pro categories
  • Select Save Level at the bottom of the page before moving on to create further membership plans.

Step 2: Setup Paid Membership Pro in Social Login Plugin

  • Download miniOrange social login plugin from here and Install it.
  • social login wordpress plugin download
  • Navigate to Integrations > Paid Memberships Pro option. Create a page and use shortcode [pmpro_levels] where you want your Membership Levels Page to be displayed.
  • integration of paid membership pro
  • Copy the page link and paste it in the above field Level's Page Link Save it
  • Social login for paid membership pro select membership level
  • After user get Register with your membership level will get assign get display here
  • Social login for paid membership proassign membership level

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