Guide To Setup Link Social Account Feature in miniOrange Social Login

Link Social Account :

  • This feature lets your users link their Social accounts with existing WordPress accounts. Users will be prompted with the option to either link to any existing account using WordPress login page or register as a new user.
  • Follow the below steps to enable Link Social Account features in miniOrange Social Login.
  • Activate the social login icons according to your requirements on WordPress.
  • Go to miniOrange Social Login → click on Configure Apps → Enable applications:
  • social login Account link icon
  • Go to Link Social Account tab → Enable Linking of Social Accounts:
  • You can also edit the text present on the Link Social Account form.
  • social login enable Account link Social
  • There is the option for account linking to create a new account and link to an existing account.
  • social login Account Link new account
  • If you do not have an existing account with a different email address, click on create a new account.
  • New users will be created and link to social applications.
  • social login successfully link in wordpress
  • If you already have an existing account with a different email address and want to link this account with that, click on link to an existing account you will be redirected to login page to login to your existing account.
  • Link your social account to your existing WordPress account by entering Username and Password.
  • social login existing account on wordpress
  • You can check in the WordPress user table the account will be linked.
  • account link   successfully created and linked
  • You can download social login plugin using the following link.

    • WordPress Social Login (Facebook, Google, Twitter)

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