Integrate Thinkific site with Store as IDP application

Integrate Thinkific site with Store as IDP application


  • Obtain the following information from Thinkific. Login to your Thinkific, go to Settings. Click on Code & analytics.
  • Navigate to API.

    Get the API key from Thinkfic

    You can find the API Key (Shared Secret) here. Also, Obtain the Subdomain from here and replace the URL next.
    JWT Endpoint URL: Example: https://{Subdomain}

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide given below for configuring Shopify Store as IDP Application (SSO)

1.  Configure Thinkific in miniOrange

  • Click on the Setup Application tab in the Store as IDP application.

    Setup Application tab in the Store as IDP application
  • Go to Apps. Click on the Add Application button.

    Add Application
  • Select External/JWT/PwdLess. Click on External App.

    External JWT or PwdLess and Click on External App.
    Application name, description and Redirect URL
  • In the Add Apps tab enter the values and click on Save.

    Custom Application Name Choose an appropriate name according to your choice.
    Description Add appropriate description according to your choice.
    Redirect-URL https://{Subdomain}

  • To configure App secret, go to Edit against your configured app, Apps>>Select your app>> Edit

    Configure the App secret
    App Secret Endpoint URL and Signature Algorithm
    App Select The API Token fetched from Thinkific dashboard
    Signature Algorithm Choose HS256
  • Click on Save.
  • Now, You can accessThinkific Account Using IDP credentials through the Single-sign-on URL as shown in image above

2.  Configure Thinkific Sign in Button

    Test SSO login to your Thinkific account with miniOrange IdP:

  • Login to your Thinkific account.
  • On the Dashboard, Click on Design your site -> Theme library option.

    thinkific Single Sign-On (SSO)desgin site
  • Click on Three Dots as shown in the below image and select the EDIT CODE option from the dropdown.

    thinkific Single Sign-On (SSO) edit-code
  • Now, click on the Snippets link and search for meta_tag option and click on it.

    thinkific Single Sign-On (SSO) snippets
  • Add Single Sign-On URL in the below format as shown in the image, (you will get this url from Store as IDP dashboard where you have configured the Thinkfic application.) and click on Save button.

    thinkific Single Sign-On (SSO) url
    thinkific Single Sign-On (SSO) login
  • Go to your Thinkific URL, click on SIGN IN button which will redirect you to Shopify Store Sign On Page.

    Thinkific Single Sign-On (SSO): miniOrange Login
    Login into Shopify
  • Enter your Shopify Store login credential and click on Login. You will be automatically logged in to your Thinkific account.

    Thinkific Single Sign-On (SSO): Thinkific Login

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