Guide To Setup User Moderation In WordPress using miniOrange Social Login

User Moderation In WordPress :

  • This feature restricts the access of newly registered users. Users created through social login will not be able to access your website until the admin allows them by activating their accounts.
  • Follow the below steps to enable User Moderation feature in miniOrange Social Login.
  • Activate the social login icons according to your requirements on WordPress.
  • Go to miniOrange Social Login → click on Configure Apps → Enable applications:
  • social login icon
  • Go to Premium Features tab → Enable User Moderation:
  • [ *Notice: SMTP should be configured to send activation emails. ]

    social login Enable User Moderation
  • Register with any Social Login applications on your website.
  • social login register apps on your website
  • Here the user will get notified that he is successfully registered but the admin need to approve the activation.
  • social login successfully registered on website
  • Go back to Admin Dashboard->Users
  • Here admin gets an option to activate register user.Click on activate button to activate the users account.
  • social login user activate
  • User will get successfully activated on your website and the user will get notified through email.
  • social login successfully activated
  • After the admin activates the account user can access the website.
  • You can download social login plugin using the following link.
    WordPress Social Login (Facebook, Google, Twitter)

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