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Cognito and WordPress Integration

WordPress Cognito integrator works in conjunction with the WordPress OAuth & OpenId Connect Client Single Sign-On (SSO) Plugin. WordPress Cognito integrator provides functionality to manage all the user operations from your WordPress site. The user operations provided are Login, Registration, Profile update, Password Reset. Using this WordPress AWS Cognito integration, you can provide a seamless user experience on your WordPress site for all the users in your Cognito pool. You don’t need to manage them by yourself at the Cognito site. During the login event, WordPress Cognito integrator creates the users in WordPress as per the Attribute and Role Mapping configured in the OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin and logs them in subsequently.

Key Features

  AWS Cognito Single Sign-On

Cognito login from default WP login form

  Registration Form Integration

Cognito user creation from registration form in WP (As the registration form is unique for each site, this needs customization according to the form created and its corresponding fields)

  User Update

Cognito user profile update from update form in WP (This feature also needs customization for the same reason)

  Cognito Password Reset

Cognito password reset using default WP password reset functionality

Licensing Plans

Features available in the Cognito integrator login module

1. Cognito login from default wp-login form

2. Account creation for new users in Wordpress

3. Advanced Attribute mapping for Wordpress account

4. Wordpress Role mapping

5. Reset Password

Features that are implemented as per customer request specific to their environments.

1. Integration with custom/third party login form

2. Auto create user in cognito after registration on wordpress (support for different registration forms)

3. Update the user profile on cognito for any changes in Wordpress profile

If you have any other requirements apart from the above mentioned features, we can customize the cognito Integration according to your use case and the user flow.

*There is an additional cost associated with customizations. Please contact us at oauthsupport@xecurify.com

Amazon Cognito SSO Scenarios for your WordPress Website

A] Register User in Amazon Cognito pools from the WordPress website

The Registration form on WP site is generally designed using one of the forms’ plugins like gravity forms, elementor, WP forms, Formidable Pro Forms. The registration form contains all the input fields as per the use case. Users then register in that form like any other registrations out there, and they get created in your Cognito user pool seamlessly, all the tedious work is done at the backend by the WordPress Cognito integrator. This use case generally gets extended by adding the email / phone number verification during registration and also adding the Profile Update form and Password Reset form in WordPress which also works seamlessly. This will need customization for adding support for the registration form you are using and profile fields it contains.

B] Login users into WordPress without redirecting them to Cognito

This is useful when you are looking to customize the login form design using the CSS of your own choice. But, Cognito doesn’t provide this option. It would have been possible to create a login form of your choice in WordPress and login users using Password grant which is provided by the Premium version of our OAuth & OpenId Connect Client Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin, but Cognito doesn’t support Password grant either. So, the only option left is to use the WordPress Cognito integrator which solves this problem like a charm.
This is also useful if you don’t want to redirect users to Cognito at all for Single Sign-On (SSO) and instead create a login form in WordPress that would authenticate users from Cognito. The cognito integrator will handle the login from default wp-login form. Please reach out to us if you are using any third party/ custom login form to check if it will be supported with the existing solution or need any customization.

C] Have multiple WordPress sites, choose Cognito to maintain users

If you have multiple WordPress sites and you don’t want to have a headache maintaining separate login / registration for all the applications and are instead looking for a seamless Registration from one site and login with the same credentials to all the sites, WordPress Cognito integrator will be a one stop solution for this. This will need customization based on your registration form and how many sites you are using cognito login for.

Recommended Plugins

We support the forms built with below plugins.

gravity forms
Gravity Forms
Sensie LMS
Formidable Pro Forms
Sensie LMS
Elementor Forms
Sensie LMS
WP Forms

miniorange img  Recommended plugin

Download the WP OAuth Client Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin using the following link.:

WordPress SSO Single Sign On with Azure, Azure B2C, Cognito, WHMCS, Okta, Ping, Clever, Keycloak, many OAuth & OpenID Providers [24/7 SUPPORT]

 Tested with 5.9.1
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