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WordPress Cognito Integration

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Cognito and WordPress Integration

You must have setup WP OAuth/OIDC SSO plugin on your Website to continue with WordPress Cognito Integrator. WordPress Cognito integrator works in conjunction with the WordPress OAuth & OpenId Connect Client Single Sign-On (SSO) Plugin. WordPress Cognito integrator provides functionality to manage all the user operations from your WordPress site. The user operations provided are Login, Registration, Profile update, Password Reset. Using this WordPress AWS Cognito integration, you can provide a seamless user experience on your WordPress site for all the users in your Cognito pool. You don’t need to manage them by yourself at the Cognito site. During the login event, WordPress Cognito integrator creates the users in WordPress as per the Attribute and Role Mapping configured in the OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin and logs them in subsequently.

Auto Login into WordPress using AWS Cognito token

Suppose you want to provide a seamless experience to your users across multiple WordPress websites or web applications, eliminating the need for users to create separate accounts and remember multiple login credentials for every WP site. If a session for AWS Cognito already exists in the browser and the user is authenticated on any one site already, then our Login and Register with JWT plugin will allow your users to seamlessly access any WordPress site just using the AWS Cognito token, without having to enter their username and password every time they switch between sites. As a result of implementing AWS Cognito as an Identity Provider and using the WP OAuth SSO along with WordPress Login and register using JWT plugin (JWT SSO), your WP site users will have a seamless experience while accessing multiple websites, reducing the friction of remembering multiple login credentials or and improving the user experience.

Key Features

aws cognito sso keyfeatures
  AWS Cognito Single Sign-On

Cognito login from default WP login form

  Registration Form Integration

Cognito user creation from registration form in WP (As the registration form is unique for each site, this needs customization according to the form created and its corresponding fields)

  User Update

Cognito user profile update from update form in WP (This feature also needs customization for the same reason)

  Cognito Password Reset

Cognito password reset using default WP password reset functionality

Cognito integrator pricing plans




  • All All-inclusive plan features of WP OAuth SSO plugin
  • Login with Any WordPress forms
  • Auto create users on Cognito login
  • Advanced User Profile Mapping in WordPress
  • WordPress Role Mapping
  • Reset Password in Cognito via WordPress
  • Just in Time user sync from WP Registration to Cognito User Pool
  • Just in Time sync for WP Profile Advanced Attributes to Cognito
  • Sync WordPress Profile Update to Cognito
Custom Requirement?

    Get in touch with us a if you have a custom requirement and we can provide a quote for your requirement ensuring 100% satisfaction.

    Upcoming Features

    • Delete User from Cognito pool on account deletion on WordPress
    • Enable user login from multiple Cognito user pools
    • Sync user registration to multiple Cognito user pools
1. The Basic Plan of WP Cognito Integrator is available in WP OAuth Client All-inclusive plan.
2. The Advanced plan is compatible with WP OAuth Client plugin premium and higher plans.

If you have any other requirements apart from the above mentioned features, we can customize the cognito Integration according to your use case and the user flow.

*There is an additional cost associated with customizations. Please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

The WordPress SSO plugin licenses are subscription and the license includes 12 months of maintenance (version updates). You need to renew the license after 12 months at 50% of the current license cost.

You will be able to claim refund only if the request has been raised within 10 days from the date of purchase, only under the following circumstances: a) if the software or the features you have purchased is not working as advertised on the website/ marketplace and you have attempted to resolve the issues with our support team; b) you have purchased the wrong license or Xecurify/miniOrange product and informed us within a period of 10 days from your purchase; Please read more about the Refund Policy here.

A single installation of a WordPress site is referred to as a WordPress instance. It refers to each and every website on which the plugin is installed. Each website will be counted as a single instance in the case of a single site WordPress installation.

If you have a WP multisite installation, you need to install the Multisite plugin, Click here. You can check how our multisite plugin works here. There is an additional cost for the number of subsites in the Multisite Network since the Multisite licenses are based on the total number of subsites in your WordPress Network.

Yes, we have an instance-based licensing policy. The plugin's licensing is linked to the domain of the WordPress instance. Thus, if you have a dev-staging-prod environment, you'll need three licenses (with discounts applicable on pre-production environments).

Amazon Cognito SSO Scenarios for your WordPress Website

CRM Management Software
WP Login with Cognito's Custom Form
Directly log in to your WordPress site with Cognito credentials using custom forms.

Unlock the following benefits:

Lead Management Software
Seamless login on WordPress site
Task Management
Apply custom CSS for personalized appearance
Live Tracking System
Total control over form design and customization
CRM Management Software
User Sync between WP & Cognito
Achieve seamless user management between WordPress and Cognito

Unlock the following benefits:

Lead Management Software
Achieve seamless user management
Task Management
Simplify user registration
Live Tracking System
Custom form integration
CRM Management Software
WordPress & Cognito Membership Sync
Sync User Memberships to AWS Cognito Pool with WordPress Cognito Integration

Unlock the following benefits:

Lead Management Software
Seamlessly sync membership data
Task Management
Streamline membership updates
Live Tracking System
Multiple Cognito Pool management
CRM Management Software
Cognito Login with WP Custom Code
Authenticate users with Cognito using WordPress Custom Login Code

Unlock the following benefits:

Lead Management Software
Custom WordPress login
Task Management
Secure user registration & authentication
Live Tracking System
Full control and flexibility on login form
CRM Management Software
WooCommerce OTP Auth with Cognito
Register & Verify Users on WooCommerce with Cognito OTP Authentication

Unlock the following benefits:

Lead Management Software
Secure email verification
Task Management
Streamlined checkout process with OTP Auth
Live Tracking System
Secure & reliable online shopping
CRM Management Software
Sync WP Users to Cognito Pool
Sync existing users from WordPress to Cognito User Pool

Unlock the following benefits:

Lead Management Software
Effortless user migration from WP to Cognito
Task Management
Seamless integration between WP & Cognito
Live Tracking System
Simplified registration process

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Download the WP OAuth Client Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin using the following link.:

WordPress SSO Single Sign On with Azure, Azure B2C, Cognito, WHMCS, Okta, Ping, Clever, Keycloak, many OAuth & OpenID Providers [24/7 SUPPORT]

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