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Seamless Cognito Login with Custom Forms for WordPress

Problem Statement

AWS Cognito lacks flexibility when it comes to customizing the sign-in and signup forms, which is a significant requirement for customers who want to apply custom CSS and enhance the user experience on their WordPress site. The inability to customize the forms hinders the ability to provide a seamless and branded experience for users.

How to use Custom forms and authenticate users in the WordPress site with Cognito?

To address these challenges, the miniOrange Cognito Integration plugin offers a solution that allows users to integrate the WordPress Cognito integration login functionality directly into their WordPress site. With this plugin, users can log in to the WordPress site by entering their AWS Cognito credentials in custom forms that are seamlessly integrated into the WordPress site. To use the WordPress Cognito Integrator, make sure to install the WordPress OAuth Client plugin on your website. This integrator works with the WordPress OAuth & OpenId Connect Client SSO Plugin. When users log in, the Cognito Integrator creates WordPress users based on the attribute and role mapping in the WordPress OAuth SSO plugin and then logs them in. Know more about WordPress OAuth Client plugin.

By using the miniOrange Cognito Integration plugin, customers can achieve a cohesive user experience, as the login forms can be customized to match the branding and design of the WordPress site. By applying custom CSS, customers can tailor the appearance of the forms to align with their desired theme, user experience and branding guidelines thus providing the flexibility. This integration eliminates the need to redirect users to the default Cognito’s login page, providing a seamless login experience for users directly on the WordPress site.

Many form-builder plugins are available to help you build custom forms for your WordPress site. Some of the form builder plugins supported by miniOrange Cognito Integration are

Cognito Forms

Elementor Forms

Formidable Forms

Gravity Forms

Ultimate Member Forms


If you using any plugin other than the above-listed plugin then please reach out to and let us know so we can check for the compatibility of Cognito Integration with your desired plugin.

Usecase Demonstration

Consider a case where may have multiple sites based on various frameworks and CMS where Cognito can be an Identity Provider where all the users are stored. Now you want to have a WordPress website where you would wish your users to log in via Cognito credentials even if they do not have an account on the WordPress site.

Using the Cognito integration your users can log in to the WordPress site even if they do not have an account and also get auto-registered on WordPress. In addition to account creation, you can update the wp user profile ( like username, last name, address, phone number, etc) based on the user information received from Cognito at the time of login.

AWS Cognito login with Custom forms

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