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Sync User Memberships to AWS Cognito Pool with WordPress Cognito Integration

Sync User Memberships to AWS Cognito Pool with WordPress Cognito Integration

Problem Statement

WordPress empowers website owners to create membership sites, granting users access to content based on their purchased memberships. These memberships, designed for diverse purposes like e-commerce, education, entertainment, articles, blogs, gaming, and more, can be efficiently managed through the Cognito WordPress Membership integration. By serving as the database for storing user information, AWS Cognito ensures secure storage and seamless synchronization of membership-related data.

There are a number of plugins available including Memberpress, which is designed to convert your WordPress site into a membership site. One of the issues you'll likely come across is synchronizing membership data with WordPress and Cognito

How to sync WordPress user memberships to AWS Cognito Pool?

The WordPress Cognito Integration for membership management allows seamless synchronization and updates of target information from your WordPress site directly to the AWS Cognito User Pool. By bridging the gap between your WordPress site and AWS Cognito, the integration not only enhances user management but also ensures a secure and efficient data transfer process. To use the WordPress Cognito Integrator, make sure to first install the WordPress OAuth Client plugin on your website. This integrator works with the WordPress OAuth & OpenId Connect Client SSO Plugin. Know more about WordPress OAuth Client plugin.

    Case 1: Update Membership Purchase at User Registration

    With WordPress Cognito Integration for membership management, whenever a user purchases a membership during registration in WordPress, the relevant membership information can be synced to the AWS Cognito Pool. Additionally, depending on the membership plugin in use, membership synchronization can also occur when a pre-registered user purchases any membership.

    WordPress Cognito Integrator - User membership sync

    Case 2: Membership Status Updates (Expiration, Upgrade, or Downgrade)

    The membership status, along with other relevant membership information, can be synchronized back to AWS Cognito when members upgrade, downgrade, or when their subscriptions expire.

    WordPress Cognito Integrator - User membership sync

    Case 3: Multiple Cognito Pool Management Based on WordPress Memberships

    In a WordPress membership site with different types of memberships, efficient management of membership information often involves maintaining separate Cognito Pools for each membership. By utilizing the WordPress Cognito Integration, users can be added to different Cognito Pools based on their purchased memberships. For example, a user with a Free membership can be added to the "Basic Pool," while Silver and Gold membership holders can be added to the "Premium Pool" in AWS Cognito.

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