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Sync existing users from WordPress to Cognito User Pool

Sync existing users from WordPress to Cognito User Pool

Problem Statement

WordPress sites that do not have a centralized database to store users face the challenge of efficiently managing their users. The necessity of a centralized database becomes evident in later phases or releases of the site. However, migrating all existing users from WordPress database to AWS Cognito Pool with all the necessary user meta information is a challenging task. This creates a problem for website owners who wish to use AWS Cognito for user management.

How to sync existing users from WordPress to Cognito User Pool?

With the help of the miniOrange WordPress Cognito Integration, migrating all your existing users to AWS Cognito becomes a simple process that can be accomplished with just a few configurations and a single button click. However, please note that certain server timeouts and rules may need to be updated on your end to ensure a smooth Cognito user migration. To use the WordPress Cognito Integrator, make sure to first install the WordPress OAuth Client plugin on your website. This integrator works with the WordPress OAuth & OpenId Connect Client SSO Plugin. Know more about WordPress OAuth Client plugin.

During the Cognito user pool migration, it should be noted that AWS Cognito requires plain text passwords for user creation. As a result, users will be generated with random passwords in Cognito and will be prompted to reset their password during subsequent login attempts.

Usecase Demonstration

Consider you have a WooCommerce site where you sell some products. In the initial stages of your business, when your store was small and had limited user interactions, managing users within the default WordPress database might be sufficient. However, as your business expands and your customer base grows, you might realize the importance of transitioning to a more comprehensive platform for user management.

With the miniOrange WordPress Cognito Integration, this transition becomes effortless. You can seamlessly sync your existing users from WordPress to AWS Cognito user Pool, ensuring a smooth migration of valuable customer data. This integration not only simplifies the process of adding new users but also allows for the integration of registration functionality, seamlessly integrating new users into the Cognito pool. Refer to the Registration functionality section below for more details.

Moreover, the sync functionality of the miniOrange WordPress Cognito Integration enables the migration of existing WordPress users with all their information intact. This includes their contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses, residential addresses, and more.

By using the miniOrange WordPress Cognito Integration, you can effortlessly manage your growing customer base, enhance user security, and streamline the user management process within your WooCommerce site.

Registration functionality

With the miniOrange WordPress Cognito Integration, you can integrate registration functionality seamlessly into your WooCommerce site. Here's how it works:

  1. Fetch the information entered in the registration form, sanitize and escape the information, and store the sanitized and escaped information in an array following the specified format.
  2. Pass the complete user data array as an argument to the function mo_ci_custom_registration_form().
  3. The mo_ci_custom_registration_form() function will handle the registration process and return the result.
  4. If the result is not empty, you can display custom error messages or perform any necessary actions.

Here's an example code snippet:

    // Your Code
    // Fetch the input values after the form is submitted
    // Code to sanitize the input values

    $return_user = false; // You want the user login session created by the miniOrange plugin and further handling

    $result = mo_ci_custom_registration_form($user_data, $return_user);

    if (!empty($result)) {
        // Your custom code for displaying the error messages

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