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Register & Verify Users on WooCommerce with Cognito OTP Authentication

Register & Verify Users on WooCommerce with Cognito OTP Authentication

Problem Statement

If you have a WooCommerce site where customers purchase some products. In order to ensure a secure and trustworthy eCommerce experience for both the business and the customer, it is crucial to verify their email address via OTP provided by Cognito at the time of checkout.

How to use Cognito OTP based Authentication on WooCommerce checkout?

Using WordPress Cognito Integrator to enable Cognito OTP based email verification, this process becomes streamlined and effective. Customers are required to provide a one-time password in addition to their traditional login credentials, ensuring that only individuals with valid email addresses are able to access the site and make purchases. To use the WordPress Cognito Integrator, make sure to first install the WordPress OAuth Client plugin on your website. This integrator works with the WordPress OAuth & OpenId Connect Client SSO Plugin. Know more about WordPress OAuth Client plugin.

This extra layer of security will prevent the website from registering invalid users thus minimizing the headache to identify potential consumers manually. Overall, implementing OTP based authentication by Cognito is a valuable step in creating a safe and reliable online shopping experience.

Usecase Demonstration

In the scenario of a WooCommerce site, when a user attempts to make a purchase, a seamless checkout process is initiated. Upon clicking the 'place order' option, the system automatically generates a user profile in Cognito if one does not already exist. Subsequently, a pop-up prompts the user to verify their email address by entering the OTP (One-Time Password) code sent by Cognito.

Upon successful Cognito OTP Login, the user's status in Cognito is marked as CONFIRMED, granting them permission to proceed with the payment process. Additionally, measures can be implemented to prevent the placement of an order if the user's email address remains unverified.

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