Fisheye and Crucible SAML SSO Installation Guide

Fisheye/Crucible SAML app gives the ability to enable SAML Single Sign On for Fisheye/Crucible Software. Fisheye/Crucible Software is compatible with all SAML Identity Providers. Here we will go through a guide to configure SSO between Fisheye/Crucible and your Identity Provider. By the end of this guide, users from your Identity Provider should be able to login and register to Fisheye/Crucible Software.


To integrate your Identity Provider(IDP) with Fisheye/Crucible, you need the following items:

  • Fisheye/Crucible should be installed and configured.
  • Fisheye/Crucible Server is https enabled (optional).
  • Admin credentials are set up in Fisheye/Crucible.
  • Valid Fisheye/Crucible Server Licence.

Download And Installation

  • Log into your Fisheye/Crucible instance as an admin.
  • Navigate to the settings menu and Click Add-ons.
  • Click on Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
  • Locate Fisheye/Crucible SAML Single Sign On/SSO via search.
  • Click Try free to begin a new trial or Buy now to purchase a license for Fisheye/Crucible SAML Single Sign On/SSO.
  • Enter your information and click Generate license when redirected to MyAtlassian.
  • Click Apply license.
  •  SAML Single Sign On(SSO) into Fisheye and Crucible using Identity Provider