Generic SAML Integration

Step 1: Setup Identity Provider to enable saml for your module.

Pre-requisite: You will need SAML information from your IDP to configure this app. Please get SAML metadata from your Identity Provider. If your IDP does not have a metadata URL or XML, you need this information from them:

  1. Issuer/ Entity ID
  2. SAML Login URL
  3. SAML Logout URL (only if you want users to logout from IDP when they logout from JIRA)
  4. X.509 Certificate
  5. NameID format (optional)
  6. SAML Login binding type (optional)
  7. SAML Logout binding type (optional)

  • Before following this guide, please keep the above information or SAML metadata/XML to IDP.
  • You will also need to send or setup information in your Identity Provider so that they can configure JIRA as a SAML Service Provider for your account. For this you will need either the SAML metadata or SAML information. We have given more information on how you can get each one of them below.
  • Go to Service Provider Info and give the link shown below to your Identity Provider.When you click on the link, you will be able to view the metadata for the SAML Single Sign On app.

  • If the Identity Provider does not accept metadata, you can give them SAML information manually. Go to service provider tab and get the following information.
  • SP Entity ID / Issuer SP-EntityID / Issuer from Service Provider Info Tab
    ACS URL ACS (AssertionConsumerService) URL from Service Provider Info Tab
    Single Logout URL Single Logout URL from Service Provider Info Tab
    Audience URI Audience URI From Service Provider Info Tab
    Recipient URL Recipient URL from Service Provider Info Tab
    Destination URL Destination URL from Service Provider Info Tab
    Certificate Certificate from Service Provider Info Tab