Setup Guide for installing the WordPress 2FA Premium plugin

Step 1: Download plugin.

  • Go to miniOrange 2-Factor plugin and click on Upgradebutton.

  • You are on the pricing page, now again click on the Upgrade button.

  • It will redirect to miniOrange console, enter the credentials to log in with your miniOrange account.
  • Now you have to fill all the details.

  • And Click on Pay Now.

  • Click on Download Plugin to download the plugin.

  • After downloading the plugin go to the WordPress admin dashboard and delete the free plugin

Step 2: Installing plugin.

  • Installing the 2FA Premium plugin from the Wordpress Dashboard.
  • Click on Add New plugin.

  • Click on Upload Plugin.

  • Click on Choose file and select miniOrange Premium Plugin. Now, click on the Install Now.

  • Then click on Activate Plugin. It will activate the Premium plugin.

  • Then click the miniOrange 2-Factor on WordPress sidebar.

  • You will need to log in to the Premium plugin with the email address with you have done the payment and Click on Submit.

Step 3: Two-Factor Setup by Users.

  • After the Premium plugin has been installed, when the user tries to log in, the user will be entering his/her Wordpress username and password.

  • User will be entering the credential​ and Two-factor Registration gets initiated for users. The user will be entering his/her email and click on ​​Get Started.

  • User will get OTP over his email. The user enters OTP and Click on ​Verify Code​.

  • After the successful validation, he will be asked to choose his 2nd-factor method.

  • The user selects OTP Over SMS. User will have to enter his/her phone number, and User validates his/her phone number by entering the OTP which user gets on his/her mobile number.

  • After phone verification​, User ​will be asked to set up ​KBA ​as a backup method.

  • After Setup, When the user logs in next time he/she will be prompted for OTP over SMS.

  • Now, Once a user is verified he/she can access the miniOrange 2-factor plugin and could change 2-factor method.

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