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Setup Guide for installing the WordPress 2FA Premium plugin

Step 1: Download plugin.

  • Go to miniOrange 2-Factor plugin and click on Upgradebutton.

    2fa Premium Click On Upgrade

  • You are on the pricing page, now again click on the Upgrade button.

    2fa Premium Click On Upgrade

  • It will redirect to miniOrange console, enter the credentials to log in with your miniOrange account.
  • Now you have to fill all the details.

    2fa Premium Select Licence Plan

  • And Click on Pay Now.

    2fa Premium Conformation On Payment

  • Click on Download Plugin to download the plugin.

    2fa Premium Plugin Download on Wordpress

  • After downloading the plugin go to the WordPress admin dashboard and delete the free plugin

Step 2: Installing plugin.

  • Installing the 2FA Premium plugin from the Wordpress Dashboard.
  • Click on Add New plugin.

    2fa Click Add New Plugin on Wordpress

  • Click on Upload Plugin.

    2fa Premium Uploaded Plugin

  • Click on Choose file and select miniOrange Premium Plugin. Now, click on the Install Now.

    2fa Premium Plugin Installed on Wordpress

  • Then click on Activate Plugin. It will activate the Premium plugin.

    2fa Premium Plugin Activate

  • Then click the miniOrange 2-Factor on WordPress sidebar.

    2fa Premium Plugin Activate 1

  • You will need to log in to the Premium plugin with the email address with you have done the payment and Click on Submit.

    2fa Premium Account Setup on Wordpress

Step 3: Two-Factor Setup by Users.

  • After the Premium plugin has been installed, when the user tries to log in, the user will be entering his/her Wordpress username and password.

    2fa Premium Login With 2ndFactor

  • User will be entering the credential​ and Two-factor Registration gets initiated for users. The user will be entering his/her email and click on ​​Get Started.

    2fa Premium Setup on Wordpress

  • User will get OTP over his email. The user enters OTP and Click on ​Verify Code​.

    2fa Premium Verify Email Code

  • After the successful validation, he will be asked to choose his 2nd-factor method.

    2faPremium Select Method

  • The user selects OTP Over SMS. User will have to enter his/her phone number, and User validates his/her phone number by entering the OTP which user gets on his/her mobile number.

    2fa Premium Verify Phone Code

  • After phone verification​, User ​will be asked to set up ​KBA ​as a backup method.

    2fa Premium Security Question

  • After Setup, When the user logs in next time he/she will be prompted for OTP over SMS.

    2fa Premium Validate OTP

  • Now, Once a user is verified he/she can access the miniOrange 2-factor plugin and could change 2-factor method.

    2fa Premium Configuring on Wordpress.webp

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