Setup Guide for Facebook App

Step 1: Setup Facebook as OAuth Provider

  • Login to Facebook Developers: Go to Facebook Developers and login with your account. Select Create App from the dropdown in the upper right:
  • facebook-1
  • Name your application : Provide a Display Name and Contact Email.
  • facebook-2
  • Setup Facebook Login : On the PRODUCTS page that follows, click on Set Up next to Facebook Login.
  • facebook-3
  • Next choose the type of application, for this tutorial we have selected Web.
  • facebook-4
  • After, Click on Web go to the Settings tab under the Facebook login.
  • The Client OAuth Settings page for Facebook Login will appear:
  • facebook-5
  • Enter the Callback URL (copied from the plugin) in the Valid OAuth redirect URIs field.
  • facebook-6

    NOTE: Before entering the callback url it should be changed to https.

  • Click On Save Changes.
  • Go to Settings->Basic and Enter your Privacy Policy URL in the Privacy Policy URL field. Click on the Save Changes button to save your configurations.
  • facebook privacy policy url.png
  • Make your App public : Change your app status from In Development to Live by clicking ON OFF as shown in the image below. Then, click on Confirm to confirm your change of status.
  • facebook-7.png facebook-8
  • Get App Id and App Secret : Click Settings in the left nav. On this page you can retrieve your App ID and App Secret.
  • centrify_12
  • Click Show to reveal the App Secret (you may be required to re-enter your Facebook password).